Draco please don't...

First year at Hogwarts. First friends. First love. First fight.


1. it all starts

I wake up suddently, gasping for air. "Stay calm" I thought.

"Is that what is like?" I thought again "being in love with someone you should'nt? Is it all this nightmares and all the suffering and gasping for air as soon ad I wake up? Hope not."

"Honey! Wake up you're late" said my mother from the kitchen.

I didn't want to wake up until my mom ran up the stairs and slammed my room's door open and I finally realized what day this was.

"Hermione! Hurry up the train leaves at eleven!"

Oh right, this was the start of my first year at Hogwarts. I actually studied a lot to start right my first year at school; but this morning, nobody knows why, I've completely forgot all about Hogwarts. Stupid nightmares. I never get to sleep enough. By the time I arrived at king's cross station, it was full with muggles. Or at least this is what a short woman with red curly hair said to her sons. As soon as the woman said it, a little boy ran after her. The woman with her family and the little boy with glasses that ran after her went straight through the wall between 9 and 10. I did the same and when I arrived the other side and I saw the Hogwarts express I ran towards it. I sat down in an empty place. Ten minutes later, when the train was about to leave, a little blond boy was getting on the train. And coming right towards me.

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