Draco please don't...

First year at Hogwarts. First friends. First love. First fight.


3. chapter two

He didn't even glance at me. Not even once. After a while I put my self together and try to concentrate on what the professor was saying. Something about four houses: griffindor, slytherin, hufflepuff and ravenclav. At the sound of slytherin Draco did look at me. Or at least over me. He was looking over at Harry Potter and his strange friend Ronald. Then he started talking with his two friends on how much he wanted and deserved to be in it. Griffindor. Since I saw my letter I always wanted to be in it. I was terrified that they would put me somewhere else, but I was even more terrified that they would put me in griffindor and Draco in slytherin. Why? I mean, look at him. He actually is hot. A tad. I tried not to think about it and followed professor McGonagall. The place is amazing, just how I imagined it.

"Susan Ossas!" Said Dumbledore. The little girl makes her way through the crowd and sits on the chair.

"Hufflepuff!" Said the hat and Susan jumps down the chair with a wide smile on her face and runs towards the right table. Okay, one down.

"Hermione Granger!" Okay... Stay calm. Stay calm. McGonagall puts the hat on my head and my hands shake. Hope no one will notice. A few second later the hat shouts: "griffindor!" I completely forgot about Draco as I walk to the griffindor table. But then is his turn. My hands shake even more and I suffocate a sob as the hat sais "slytherin" and he looks at me, really quickly, and then goes to his table.

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