Draco please don't...

First year at Hogwarts. First friends. First love. First fight.


6. chapter four



Later on, after dinner, is was sitting lonely on a bench outside the castle. I was thinking of Draco and how will I ever get to talk to him, when he turns up and stands in front of me. Draco was standing in front of me and he looks like he wanted to say something. I wanted to give him a normal look but I found my self staring at him. Why didn't he speak? Please say something. Anything. Please Draco. "Hi" I forgot to breath "hi" I said back to him. "I'm Draco" "yeah I know who you are" I should learn to actually think about what to say before saying it. "Oh, okay" he said, looking over me. I turn over and I see Harry coming towards us. "What's your name?" Suddenly I didn't know what to say. Is not a difficult question at all. "Uh, I'm Hermione" "Granger uh?" He smiled. "Yeah, Granger" I tried not to look at him... "The smart one uh?" "Think so" I said. "I wasn't been rude 'mione" "uh...it's Hermione anyway" I looked up at him. He sat down next to me and I remembered about Harry, but he seems gone. "Oh yeah, sorry" "is okay" we stay silent for a while and then he mutters that he is late for something an leaves. I remember that I have lesson too, but it takes me a while to realize everything and get up.


A few days later

"Hi pretty one" says a voice behind me. I turn around and I see Draco. "I thought I was the smart one..." "I said HI Hermione" "...hi Draco" he smiles at me and then adds "Draco the..." I wait a while and then answer "hum...Draco the...blonde one?" He never stopped smiling "uh okay. Like it" I smile back "see ya" he says and walks away. I stand there for a second, stunned.


[this is my favorite chapter so far, hope you all like it and please let me know:)]


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