Draco please don't...

First year at Hogwarts. First friends. First love. First fight.


9. chapter five

Chapter five


So I walk towards the common room to see if Harry and Ron are there and that's where I find them. "Hey" Harry says "hey" I say back "what have you been doing all day?" Ron asks "oh, I've been you know...wondering around in the castle and see what's on" I look at harry "anything special?" He asks. "Nah, just everyone still talking about 'Harry the quidditch hero'... I saw Draco...he wasn't talking about you obviously" Ron was laughing "ha. He never does one right..." "Yeah..."I said.



"Harry! Harry wake up!!" I say. " will someone tell me why Snape tried to kill me?!" He mumbles back as he sits up in the infirmary "I don't know Harry" said Ron. "Well let's go and have breakfast yeah? Hermione?" "Yeah let's go"

After breakfast we went to lesson and when I was going back, by my self, I saw Draco sitting on the same bench, waiting for me.

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