Welcome Home, Doctor

The Doctor has regenerated, and Clara's having a tough time with his new body. But then the old Doctor pays a visit...


4. Requirements


Outside of Oswin's universe, the Doctor banged his Sonic against the wall and cursed.  

"Bloody hell!  Why won't the damn sonic give me a Timelord?!?"  

(I should probably explain, but I'm not going to)

"Damn bloody hell!  Come on, come on!!" The Doctor spat, clicking the instrument on, off, then on again, and off again.  "Come on!"  The Doctor Soniced the whole room.  

(Okay, now I'll explain.)

The Doctor Soniced Oswin's Dalek hastily after exiting her world.  The results were shocking.  

On the bright side, it was possible to rescue a human from a Dalek form.  

On the other hand...you needed two Timelords, four hearts, two Sonics, and the heart of the TARDIS.  


But the Doctor had vowed to save Oswin, and he wasn't one to give up easily.  Especially when it came to his Impossible Girl.  The woman twice dead.  His madness.  He banged the screwdriver against the wall again, then switched it on and concentrated on a corner.  From all of his twenty seven brains the Doctor poured his knowledge into the Screwdriver, calling forth the Timelords.  A secret code he had learned on Galifrey.  

Came in handy sometimes.  

As the Doctor squeezed his eyes shut in concentration, the sound of his TARDIS warmed his ears.  Ah, that farmiliar WHOOOOSH WHOOOOSH.  


He'd left the TARDIS above ground.  

The Doctor whipped around just in time to see the machine materialize before his eyes.  

Out stepped a man.  A man in a brown suit that was just a little too tight.  His hair stuck up everywhere, like he had been back-combing or something, and he was carrying a Sonic, a rose, and a pair of rectangle-ish 3D glasses.  

"I'm here to help."  Was all he said.  "I know what it's like to lose a companion.  Oh, trust me Doctor, I know." The Doctor twirled the rose between his fingers.  "I'm not letting it happen again.  Two Timelords.  Four hearts.  Two Sonics.  And the heart of a TARDIS."

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