Welcome Home, Doctor

The Doctor has regenerated, and Clara's having a tough time with his new body. But then the old Doctor pays a visit...


1. Regeneration

Clara stood, wide-eyed, looking at the man in the place of where her Doctor had just been standing.  They stared at each other for a moment, neither saying anything, just looking at each other.  

This isn't right, Clara thought.  It isn't him. 

The reality of the regeneration hit her then.  The Doctor had always been there for her, and everything he had done for her reflected that.  But this man, Clara doubted he would love her for who she was, and use her as a weapon instead of protecting her like any good doctor would.  Her Doctor was gone.  And this, this monster that she didn't know anything about, well, he was in the place of the only person she truly trusted.  

Clara turned her back on the Doctor and walked away.  

"Where are you going?" He yelled.  "Clara, I don't even remember how to fly this thing!"  Clara didn't care.  Not at all.  She stormed out of the console room, tears flowing, and flung herself against a wall in one of the hallways.  

"Clara!" The Doctor yelled as the TARDIS began its usual jerky flight.  Clara held onto a railing in the hallway as the machine tilted forwards, throwing her into a door, which opened as she fell.  The knob threw itself open and Clara fell head first into a dark room as the TARDIS fully tilted.


Clara opened her eyes thirty minutes later, realizing two things.  


1: she seemed to be in the room where, just a week ago, she had fought the time zombies with her Doctor.

2: her head REALLY hurt.  

Clara oriented herself.  She was barely hanging on to the edge of the pit, her fingers just grazing the railing.  

Something was hiding her.  

Somethimg was holding her.  

Or rather, someone.  

Clara couldn't see who or what it was.  Invisibility cloak, probably.  Whoever her mystery hero was, they didn't want her to know it was them.  

Clara wondered why she wasn't afraid.  The planet burned above her, the molten rock burned beneath her.  But she felt just as safe as she did in the Doctor's arms.  

In the Doctor's arms.

Clara reached down, knowing she was safe and she didn't need to hold on.  Whatever was holding her was doing it bridal-style, so Clara had to shift a bit in order to feel for a head.  

She found it.  

Clara traced the jawline offer mystery man.  She ran her fingers through his hair and down his shirt.  Wait.  Was that a bowtie?

Was that a bowtie?

Clara felt the tie again.  


"Now who do I know that wears a bowtie?" Clara asked out loud.  

Suddenly, she was on the ground.


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