Welcome Home, Doctor

The Doctor has regenerated, and Clara's having a tough time with his new body. But then the old Doctor pays a visit...


5. Memories

The Doctor simply gaped at...himself...How was this even happening?  

"What do we do?" Ten asked, twirling the rose in his hand again and occasionally taking a peek through the 3D glasses.  "How do we go about rescuing a human from a Dalek?"  The Doctor recovered himself slightly so he could start to think like a normal Timelord again.  

"Well..." He drawled, Sonicing Ten, "we absorb the heart of the TARDIS, use the Sonic to connect our brains, sync our hearts and lay our hands on the Dalek at the exact millisecond when I tell Oswin to touch her temple."


Ten minutes later the two Doctors had succeeded I'm opening the heart of the TARDIS.  But before they did anything, Ten wanted to ask his future self a few things.  

"Tell me about Clara." He said.  Eleven bowed his head in thought.  

"She was beautiful," he said.  "Never did tell her.  Too afraid, I guess.  She was brave, too.  A good heart, that woman had.  I brought her down here because she was questioning Oswin.  I guess...I guess Oswin didn't like her that much, or was jealous of her or something.  She extracted her brainwaves.  Killed her.  Now Oswin is living Clara's life in her own dream, and I figure the best I can do is give Oswin the life I always wanted to give Clara.  Whatever did happen to Rose Tyler?"

"Touché.  She moved on.  Had kids.  When asked about the Doctor, only replied with 'Doctor who?'  Not sure if that means she remembers or forgot.  Her forgetting me is my worst fear."

The Doctors bowed their heads again.  

"I guess we should get to work." Ten finally said.  

"I suppose."  He pulled out a small clock and threw it into the heart of his machine, testing just how much depth it had gained from possessing Rose all those years ago.  The TARDIS was much smarter, and about ten times more powerful.  They'd have to be careful.  The Doctors slowly stepped into the glow.  It filled them from the inside out, seeping through their bones and filling their Timelord bodies.  

"Now!" Eleven yelled.  He knew Oswin could hear him, there was no doubt about that.  In her universe, Oswin touched her temple, just as the Doctors connected their Sonics and their hearts started beating in sync.  Then, together, they placed their hands on Oswin's Dalek.  

And as quickly as it had happened, it was over.  Ten was gone.  And Eleven was alone in a white room with a Dalek-who-was-no-longer-Dalek.  He quietly took off the top part of her encasing.  

Sitting inside was Oswin Oswald.  

..."That was how she got the nickname 'Impossible Girl,'" the Doctor explained to his young companion, Zelda.  Zelda was only fifteen, yet she grasped  the concept of Time Travel better than most Timelords.  And since this was it, the Doctor wanted Zelda to take over.  It was his last moments.  His last body.  His last regeneration.  He couldn't live forever, and now it was ending.  Zelda looked into his deep brown eyes, etched with pain as he lay on the floor of the TARDIS, dying.  

"Give me your memories, Doctor." Zelda ordered gently.  "You're not going to last to tell me all of them."

"No.  It's too risky."

"Risky is my middle name.  Doctor, please.  I'm going to become a Timelord anyway, aren't the memories part of the package?"

"I'm afraid not, my dear.  I don't want to Donna Noble you." A tear dripped from Zelda's hazel eyes onto the Doctor's cheek.  

"Don't leave, please." Zelda whispered as the Doctor started glowing an eerie gold.  "Please." She stepped back, but still reached her hand out.  All of time, all of space, and it was ending now.  

Wasn't it?

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