Welcome Home, Doctor

The Doctor has regenerated, and Clara's having a tough time with his new body. But then the old Doctor pays a visit...


3. He'll Manage

The Doctor circled Oswin again, then disappeared.  Where he went, Oswin hadn't the foggiest.  She just knew he was coming back.  Or at least, she could hope that he was coming back.  Maybe he's left for good now, she thought, struggling to her feet on the walk.  Maybe he's not coming back.  Maybe he ran.  Maybe he forgot me.  Just like I asked, she thought.  Oswin shook the thought off and limped out of the room.  

Clara's memories were beautiful. 

Oswin wandered the endless halls of the TARDIS, exploring rooms, all filled with memories of Clara and the Doctor.  She saw some things she wished not to, things that made her laugh, and cry, and things that filled her with sadness because no matter how hard she tried to convince herself they were, these were not her memories.  They belonged to someone else.  Someone who had stolen both the Doctor's hearts, it appeared as Clara edged around a bedroom corner and caught Memory Clara and Memory Doctor kissing on the bed.  

She left.  

Oswin stepped outside the TARDIS and was greeted by a world of more memories instead of her apartment.  She was shown the first time Clara met the Doctor, their flirty scenes and the sad scenes, and Clara's echoes filled the gaps between memories with their sweet whispers.  

Finally, the Doctor returned.  

With him he brought only his Screwdriver.  

"Oswin, one thing I forgot to tell you.  This might hurt."

Then he was gone.  

Whatever was happening didn't make any sense to Oswin.  And there were SO many questions that needed answering.  Who was that man?  Why was he in her memory stream if she wasn't alive.  How was the Doctor in Oswin's world?  And how the hell did he plan on saving her?  Everyone knew that there was no way to safely disconnect a human from a Dalek connection.  

Then again, the Doctor always managed.  

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