Welcome Home, Doctor

The Doctor has regenerated, and Clara's having a tough time with his new body. But then the old Doctor pays a visit...


2. Are Explinations Needed?

...Suddenly, she was on the ground.  The Doctor was sitting next to her, holding her waist.  Her Doctor.  The bowtie wearing, fezzes-are-cool doctor she knew.  How...?  Clara blinked rapidly.  This was imposible.  


Then again, she was the impossible girl.  


The Doctor untangled himself from Clara and stood up.  


"I told you I'd be back, Oswin," he said.  "I didn't run."  The Doctor circled her.  "It took me this long, but I figured out how.  I'm back, and I think it's time to rescue you from this pretty little dream of yours, eh?"  Clara took a deep, shaky breath, hands shaking.  


"What are you talking about?" She shrilled.  "What do you mean?"


"Oh, don't tell me you don't remember!  It hasn't been that long, Oswin.  Oswin Oswald, the Dalek who thought she was human.  


"What do you mean?  I am human!  I am not Dalek!"


"Oswin." The Doctor kneeled next to the girl, and rested his hand on her arm.  "Oswin Oswald.  You told me something.  You said something.  After I asked you about the milk and eggs for the souffles.  You said something.  You said...oh, what did you say.  Blimey!  I can't remember."


"i said...I said...run.  I said run you...clever boy and...and remember."


"Ah, yes, so you haven't forgotten."


"Why am I here?  What is this place?"


"These are Clara's memories, Oswin, not yours.  Clara Oswald.  Kind of reminds me of you.  You wanted to be like her, because she got the Doctor.  She got the happily-ever-after, TARDIS-traveling love story.  So you took her memories, everything she ever knew about me, or the TARDIS, or the Daleks.  Everything we'd ever done together.  You extracted her brainwaves.  Killed her."




"Now's not the time for explinations, Oswin.  There's more to be said.  Your desperation made me realize that you were in such need of a rescue that I just simply could.  Not.  Resist.  I had to save you.  I just had to."




"Because no human deserves this.  No human should ever have to endure this.  You created this dream for yourself becasue the reality was too terrible, and no one ever deserves that, Oswin.  No one.  Now then, time to rescue a Dalek.  This is something new."



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