Kiealeena Mclaire has been in love with Kyle Covington since kindergarten. He has never noticed her until the day she became his lab partner in Chemistry. That day started a whole chain of events Kiealeena never imagined would happen. Is this the start of her happily ever after? or is it just another illusion?


1. Fantasy Land

My god he looks so dreamy. Chiseled jaw, hazel eyes, brown hair what a work of art. To bad he doesn’t even know I exist. What I wouldn’t do to get to call myself his girl. Oh my god he is walking my way don’t panic calm down oh lord I don’t even think I can breathe. 


“Hey” I looked as if he was talking to me, but no of course he was talking to Missy. The popular one, the beautiful one, the one every girl wants to be. I’ll never have a chance with Kyle. I look like a rag doll compared to Missy. Her golden thick hair, cobalt blue eyes, and perfect smile. A girl can only dream to have looks like that. “Ding,Ding,Ding” There goes the bell again reminding me I have another class to go to. No! This can’t be happening. Sitting right there in the chair beside mine was Kyle. I must have forgot Mrs. Haven was assigning us new lab partners, and mine just had to be him. My luck has officially ran out. What am I even supposed to say to him. This is going to be a long hour and a half. 


Kyle’s POV 


Damn she is hot. This should be a class I grow to love. Her black hair, big brown eyes, and flawless skin mesmerizes me. I’ve never dated a black girl before, but she could be the start of something new. Hm this could get interesting. Ha I think she feels the same way. Well, let’s just see about that. 


“Hey, je m’ appelle Kyle. Comment t’ appelles tu?” 


“I said my name is Kyle and what is your name in French.” 

“Oh duh my name is Kie its short for Kiealeena” 

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” 

“Your beautiful too. Well, ... you know what I meant you look nice.” I couldn’t help but to laugh. 

“Thanks.” Hm I wonder who she is texting. 


“So who is the lucky guy?”

“My mom.”

“Oh well thats a shame.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are to pretty to be single.”

“Thank you Kyle.”

“Welcome so do you wanna hang out some time?”

“I don’t even know you.”

“Get to know me we could be friends.”

“Um okay.”

“What is your number?”
“Hand me your phone?” I gladly hand it over. 

“There you go.”

“I’m gonna text you to make sure you didn’t give me a fake one.”

“I would never trust me.” I smiled my half grin. 

“Alrighty then.’

“So aren’t you still dating Missy?”

“No, we broke up 2 weeks ago I promised her I'd take her to Prom so I'm kinda in a hard place at the moment.”


“Yeah so why are you single Miss. Kie?”

“I’ve had a crush on this one guy since forever and he has never noticed me. No one can compare to him.”

“Hm, must be an amazing guy,” Yeah my hopes just kinda sunk.

“Yeah he is.”


“Mr. Covington you seem to be a chatty Kathy today.”

“No ma’am Mrs. Haven.”

“Then what were you doing?”

“Getting to know my partner.”





Kie’s POV 


What in the hell is wrong with me? You look beautiful urgh I'm so stupid. Oh my god he must think I am an idiot. I could scream right now. Missy is no more I couldn’t be happier. I could just kiss his face off. His lips are perfect. I bet he is a good kisser. Why is he still looking at me? I can’t even concentrate on what Mrs. Haven is saying. Urghhh I wanna kiss him right now. This is going to be a long class. 





Kyle’s POV

That is how it is done folks. I can’t stop looking at her she is just to beautiful to ignore. That guy must be stupid to have not noticed her she is hard to miss. Like come on she is clearly a bombshell. Her body doesn’t even have to be all that great because her personality is. I wanna kiss her so bad. Her lips are just calling my name. Dammit she is putting lip gloss on. If we were the only ones here I would just grab her a kiss the breathe out of her. I bet she would like that. Yeah I know she would. Ha her eyes would get even bigger. Would she kiss me back? Hm that is something we will just have to see about. Why am I acting like this? She is just some random chick, but I want her to be more than that. I wanna get to know her better. I wanna run my fingers through her hair. Well, this is a first.


“Hey, Kie?”

“Um what?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach or something after school?”

“Yeah sure.”

“All right wear something nice.”

“Um okay.”






“I think she is going to come”

“Who are you talking about.” Cody said 

“This girl I met today her name is Kie.”

“I’ve never heard of her.”

“Me either until today. She is a bombshell.”

“Mhm whatever I bet she is as ugly as your bulldog.” Kyle laughed. 

“You will see, then you will eat those words.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth there she was waling across the beach. Damn she looks better than I remembered. The face of an angel the body of a goddess. Her yellow bikini was catching my eye at every turn. 


“Hey Kyle”

“Hey Kie” Cody looked like he had just got punched in the face. 

“This is Kie?”

“Yes, I’m Kie short for Kiealeena.” 

“I’m sorry but your hot.”

“Thanks um I didn’t catch your name.”

“Cody. Cody Marshall you can all me Coe or Code or whatever the hell you want for that matter.”

“I like Coe.”

“Hey now stop flirting with my girl.” Her eyes flashed to my face in a split second. 

“Your girl? I thought Missy was your girl Kyle?” Cody asked.

“That is all in the past. I’m looking towards the future.” I looked into her chocolate colored eyes. 

“Well, Kie I must say you look fine as hell in your bikini.”

“Um thanks Coe.”

“You are definitely welcome.” This pig had the nerve to look her body up and down. I must admit I was doing the same since I saw her. 

“Stop checking out my girl.” I whispered to Code.
“I can’t help it. You’ve seen her.” He whispered back. I knew that, but still she is mine and I’m gonna make sure of that. 

“So are we gonna swim or just stand here?” Kie asked.

“Definitely swim.” Then she took off to the water. I was right behind her. She jumped in and I was right behind her. I reached out and grabbed her around he waist. She turned to face me. I leaned in but she broke loose and splashed water in my face. Ah so I see this is gonna be a little hard. Coe was right beside me as she went further out and we followed. 


“I saw that.”

“Yeah shut up”

“The premature kiss”

“Shut up Code’

“I would have tried to do the same thing.”

“I thought she would have leaned in and kissed me, but I guess not. She did say there was a guy she was crushing on so.”

“Aw man that sucks.”

“Yeah I can tell she likes me because she gets nervous around me.” 

“Time will tell, but anyway I would hit that.”

“Typical you.”

“Yeah come you know you would too.”

“That is besides the point. She is more than that, means more than that. I know I just met her, but I feel that way.”

“Your on some dumb shit”

“Whatever” Before I could get the word out of my mouth Kie jumped on me and I went down into the water. I don’t know where she came from. 

“Thats was so hilarious” she said while laughing. Next thing I know I was kissing her. Her lips were so soft. I couldn’t stop kissing her and she didn’t push me away either. I stopped when I heard Code coughing. 


“Um yeah” I said. She just looked at me.

“Well, now Kie.” Coe said smiling.     

“I’m sorry Kyle I didn’t mean to do that.’ Kie said. 

“Its okay trust me” With that she turned and swam farther out. 

“I told you I would hit that.” Code said. 

“Shut up you dingus. You probably embarrassed her.”

“She kissed you not me. She knew what she was doing and I thought she was gonna wrap her legs around you.” I laughed and said

“Shut the hell up you douche.” 

“She did it not me.”

“Whatever I’m just still wondering about this guy she has a crush on. I’m gonna find out tomorrow.”







Kyle: What’s up Kie Kie

Kie: Nun much wbu

Kyle: Just laying in bed 

Kie: Me too 

Kyle: Maybe I could come over and we could cuddle 

Kie: No lol

Kyle: Awe lol

Kie: I had fun today 

Kyle: Me too my fav part was when u kissed me 

Kie: No u kissed me 

Kyle: I kissed u but u jumped on me ‘

Kie: I admit to doing so 

Kyle: Of course I didn’t mind thoe 

Kie: Okay then 

Kyle: Yep so we should do that again sometime 

Kie: Yeah we should. I’m about to go to bed so hmu tomorrow or we will just talk in class 

Kyle: Night beautiful 

Kie: Night you look nice lol


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