Do you?

Toni! yelled Bella "we are gonna be late"
For what Toni said "remember your grandma us at the airport! " OH NO! When we arrived at the airport I saw the most handsome guys ever...


1. why hello

Toni P.O.V

we drove to the airport and we saw loads if girls singing "what makes you beautiful"

i asked Bella"do you know this song?" nope! really? yes Toni! ok ok i get it!!!

we parked then we went into the airport then waited and waited for like 2 hours!

2 hours later!

is that her? I asked 'I think so!" just then Velma(grandma) saw us

Velma:oh my word girls! you look so ....GROWN UP! 

granny its so great to see you I haven't seen you in like.... years!

Velma: oh me too dearies I am feeling a bit peckish so can we go eat?

of course we can gran! I am to also said Bella.

we went to a little place with yum food and nice music with a dance floor.  

just then Bella's fave song came on

OMG she said come on Toni lets go and dance!

do we have to? Yes we HAVE to!!!!

we were dancing like no one was watching us but then  saw 5 British looking guys staring at us


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