Do you?

Toni! yelled Bella "we are gonna be late"
For what Toni said "remember your grandma us at the airport! " OH NO! When we arrived at the airport I saw the most handsome guys ever...


2. who are you?

Bella P.O.V

while we were dancing i could see Toni staring at something or someone 

after the song was finish 5 guys walked up to us and one curly haired one said"why hello love"

Toni she looked like she was going to start blushing! i shoved my elbow in to her elbow to let her know. all the other guys said to us would you mind to dance with us plus the curly said it to!                     well umm sure! but let me go and tell grandma first!

Toni P.O.V

Bella walked away going to Velma. as a song came on i was like hurry up Bella just then she arrived "phew" came out of my mouth! what? Bella asked .we just danced with the 5 guys.

well the song ended so we gotta run! we said to them. wait here is our numbers if you want to meet up again all of them handing there numbers and they told us their names. so it is Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn? yep said Niall(I think)

thanks guys if you are reading this!

so i wanna know what you think of this book and tell me ur fave member of the band!

please wanna know and sorry write so short and is bad with grammar bye my little cupcake(you are a little cupcake) 

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