Do you?

Toni! yelled Bella "we are gonna be late"
For what Toni said "remember your grandma us at the airport! " OH NO! When we arrived at the airport I saw the most handsome guys ever...


4. the home

Toni P.O.V

hey Bella the boy's we meet at the airport?

well one of them looked hot! so yes!!!

alright alright let's go!

you are driving!! Bella told me like a kid

uggg! fine!

while we went there we got a text from a person with an address!

that must be the address! yep

soo who do you like out of the boys?

me?! well i do like the blonde one and the curly haired one

and you miss Bella?

not telling!

i told you mine so TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!

fine i like the one with the stripy top and cool hair!

you two are perfect cuz you yell and have a lot in common

ok ok 

we arrived at the home and were amazed!



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