Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


27. the note

*the note*

Calum back off my girl

Don't kiss her like that unless you what to receive a beating again! Don't touch MY GIRL you have no right. I saw how you kissed her earlier DONT DO IT AGAIN

Love cam

*calums p.o.v*

"He's a freak" she said

"An don't worry about it" I reassured her

"No I need to speak to him" she was Really angry

She opened the door and started shouting his name.

*annas p.o.v*

I opened the door and started shouting his name.

He ran towards me from a bush opposite my house.

"Yes babe" he said

"Cam I'm not your 'girl' I broke up with you! I love calum and here's something new he actually LOVES me too" I hated cam so much

"But babe I'm better for you?"

"Your better for me, you think it's better for me to get beaten everyday than be in a relationship with someone I love and loves me too? Tell me how that's better"

"Anna I...i... Just" all of a sudden I felt a bad pain in my stomach, he had punched me. I let out a cry as I fell to the floor Calum and ash came running out of my house.

"What did you do to her" cal raged as he knelt next to me and helped me sit up.

"She had it coming to her" he yelled

"Don't you dare talk about her like that" calum got up and towered over cam.

"Or what?" He was still shouting. Cam raised a fist to cals face.

"Don't you dare touch him or I will call the police" I managed to gasp.

Cam walked over to me and started to kick me. Calum and ashton pushed can to the floor and kicked him, cam got up and ran down the street.

They picked me up and carried me to my room.

"Thank you so much both of you" I said hugging ash

"I'm going to go back downstairs" he said leaving me and cal alone.

"Cal I can't thank you enough" I said laying on my bed.

"How's your stomach?" He asked.

"It really hurts" I said pulling up my top so he could see it.

"Jesus Anna, how could he do this to you" cal laid next to me, I put my head on his chest and on arm over his stomach. His arms wrapped around me.

*calums p.o.v*

"Calum why do you bother sticking around me? I mean I love you more than humanly possible but cam just keeps beating you surely I'm not worth the pain"she spoke so softly. These words really hurt me.

"Anna I'm sure if it were any other girl I would have ran a mile, but with you it's different you are worth the pain, the blood, the bruises. I love you too much and because of that I am not going anyway, cam cannot do anything about it!" I reassured her.

She started crying "it hurts so much" she cried

"What your stomach? I can get you ice if you want?" I was going to look after her.

"No seeing you get beaten when you haven't done anything wrong. I hate seeing you in pain" she sobbed into my chest.

"Anna you are my only concern, cam can try to scare me off but it wont work. I am here for good no matter how much pain I have to bear."

Annas tearful eyes stared up at me, he face got closer to mine and we started to kiss. I don't know why but every kiss is magical, every touch everything is just... I love her so much I can never let her go.

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