Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

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19. Luke's pov

* Luke's p.o.v* "what was that?" I presumed she meant why did I mimic her

"What was what?" I asked her sounding very moody

"Why did you take the mick out of me and act so moody towards Sophie she is a massive fan of you guys!" I could tell I had upset her.

"I'm sorry it's just..." Should I say this I thought

"It's just what?" She said sitting next to me

"It's just I still really like you and..." She looked deeply into my eyes I decided just to let it all out "and I find it really hard knowing you don't like me back and that you like calum and that I can never have you it just really upsets me!" I nearly cried and tried my hardest not to.

"Luke, I...i... I don't know what to say" I could tell she was trying not to cry as well. But all of a sudden I had a wave come over me and started to cry

"You cannot tell ANYONE!" I sobbed to her

"I wont" she said putting her arm around me and her head on my shoulder.

"Good, and by no one I mean not even Sophie!" I said I had nearly stopped crying now.

*annas p.o.v*

"Good, and by no one I mean not even Sophie!" He said, he had nearly stopped crying now.

All of a sudden luke looked at me, he leane in close to my face and I could tell he was about to kiss me.

"Luke, we can't" I said turning my head away.

"What?" He looked confused

"I... I need to tell you something" he stood up and looked really worried "you have to promise not to get annoyed" I said looking at him

"I promise!" I could tell he was already angry

"Calum asked me out and I said yes" I told him

"WHAT!" He shouted

"Luke you promised" I stood up.

"Fine sorry" he said falling onto the couch that I had in the basement.

"Luke can you listen to everything I need to say then you can talk?" I asked him

"Yeah sure" he couldn't even look at me, so I decided to sit next to him leaning my back against the arm rest and my legs crossed right next to his leg and so he done the same. I took hold of his hands and began my speech.

"I know you like me, and I know you wanted to ask me out but I like calum a lot. I didn't want to lead you on letting you think I liked you in that way, I really really like you as a friend and hope we are friends forever also there is one other reason..." I paused

"What's the other reason?" he asked, he had calmed down a lot.

"Sophie" luke sighed "she is my best friend, I couldn't go out with you knowing she likes you as much as she does!" I said

"Ok I'm sorry for getting so mad it's just that's how much I like you!" He said with a tear rolling down his cheek. I felt so bad, I got up and pulled him up, I gave him a really tight hug.

"Do you want to stay here tonight?" I asked him

"Maybe" she whispered I felt more tears dripping onto my shoulder.

"Luke please stop" I said gently.

"I'm sorry I'm just really upset" he said

"Wait here" I said letting go of him and running upstairs.

I saw the other last sat on the couch watching tv and eating food.

"Calum come with me" I shouted running upstairs I was pulling out blankets sophies quilt pillows the spare quilts but left mine on my bed.

"Woah woah woah, whatcha doing?" Calum said placing his hand on my back. I stood up straight.

"Get my tv out of my room and take it to the basement don't say anything to luke and then come straight back here don't talk to anyone, if they ask what you are doing say I said you cannot tell them okay?" I said In a rush looking for something.

"Okay" he said walking down stairs, I heard him run down to the basement then back up to me.

"So what exactly are you doing?" Calum asked. "Long story short I told luke about us he's really upset so I have a plan to try and get him and Sophie together" I said to him.

"What plan?" He said suspiciously

"Wait and see" I said handing him the quilts and blankets, I picked up the pillows and we walked to the basement. Calum went back up and hounded the others and sent Sophie down,luke was sat on the couch and I was setting up the tv and quilts.

"Hello" Sophie said happily.

"Hi" me and luke said in unison.

"So why did you need me?" She asked.

"I've planned something for you two?"

"What?" They both asked confused.

"I got all these blankets and quilts because you two are spending the night down here together no one is going to bother you, bonding time for the tow of you" I said.

They both looked at each other and then at me.

"Soph I've got your pyjamas and luke I got some of calums trackies you can use"

"Of course you do" he said under his breath.

"Ok I'm going upstairs now, have fun" I said leaving them to it.

@ I hope you guys are all enjoying this let me know what you think, in a couple of chapters there is going to be a huge twist "surprise surprise" anyway enjoy@

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