Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

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50. Calum's PoV

*calums pov*

After we got Ollys things we stopped to get 3 takeaway pizza. Anna's dad asked for three, God only knows why. When we arrived back home Anna's dad had left a note on the table by the door.

-hey guys, I have gone out to meet some friends to catch up, I hope you have a good sleep over. Have fun, love Dad. P.S go to the basement-

We walked to the basement to see that Dave had set it all up nicely for us. There were douvets on the floor, the TV set up on a table at the end of the "bed", fairy lights were hanging all around giving the room a lovely warm glow. And to top it off, my three best friends were sat on the couch on the other side of the room.

"Welcome!" They shouted in unison.

Anna ran over and jumped on them.

"Hello!"Ashton screeched like a little girl.

"Jees, hi guys!" She replied laid across the three of them.

"Um hello?" I questioned.

"Anna your dad invited us to sleep as well. A massive slumber party!" Luke exclaimed. I sighed as I got ignored.

"Yay!" Anna screamed. Anna got up and walked over to Olly.

"Guys this is Olly" she pulled him over to them so I stood there alone trying to make a point. I was being ignored.

"Hello Olly, I am Michael but call me mike."

"Hey Olly, I'm Ashton but call me daddy" Anna let out a cute little laugh.

"Howdy Olly myster, I'm luke but call me ummm... Just luke is fine" they all laughed but I stood there, still making a point.

"I know you guys your 5sos, I saw you on tour." He exclaimed "I thought that was Calum but I didn't say anything incase it wasn't" again they all laughed apart from me.

"Calum what are you doing?" Anna asked.

I rolled my eyes and told her I was making a point, I was being ignored.

"Well come over here and make you point with a slice of pizza in your hand" she opened the boxes and I couldn't refuse. I sighed and ran over there. Ash, Mike and Luke all grabbed three pieces each. Olly took one and sat in the last available seat.

I took a whole remaining half in one box and sat on the floor, put the box next to me and leaned against the wall.

Anna came and sat on my lap and took a piece of pizza from the box causing me to groan.

"Still feeling ignored?" She asked.

"A bit." I sighed. She took my half eating piece of pizza and through mine and hers in the box. She kissed me delicately.

"Ew guys, I am trying to eat my pizza! I don't want to puke." Mike groaned.

I picked my slice of pizza back up and carried on eating it.

"Now I don't" I whispered in Anna ears causing goosebumps to prickle her arms and neck.

"Movie?" Olly asked.

"Yeah, let's watch the exorcist." Mike said holding up the DVD.

"Oh do we have to? It's very scary" Anna whined.

"You have me" I said.

"Fine" she groaned. Mike stood up and set up the movie. I pulled a douvet over me and Anna as she curled into my chest still sat on my lap. I loved moments like this.


The movie was getting tense, ash and Luke were cuddled up and so was mike and Olly. Anna had completely buried her head in my chest, my arms were wrapped around her for comfort. We were all terrified. All of a sudden the door flew open. We scream extremely loudly. Mike and Olly fell on the floor.

When we saw it was just a drunken Dave we burst out laughing.

" just letting you know I'm home" he was swaying from side to side.

"Okay" Anna said into my chest.

Mike and Olly got up and sat back down, they started to snuggle straight away.

I was fixed on the tv screen but knew Anna was staring up at me. I looked down to be met with her sparkling eyes. I leaned down and kissed her at first gently. I then just smiled staring at her. I couldn't believe she was all mine. I looked up to check that everyone was fixed on the tv in terror, I then kissed her again but this time deeply and mor meaningful. Our mouths worked together perfectly like we're made for each other. She smiled into the kiss, I gently bit her lip.

"Hey you know what would be cute?" She suddenly whispered in my ear " Mike and Olly" she giggled. We looked over to them.

"Yep" I laughed.


The movie came to an end and we all stretched and had a little yawn.

" I have Idea," Anna shouted "spin the bottle?"

Bearing in mind it was about 2am, we all agreed. So An left to get a bottle and we all sat on the floor in a odd circle shape. Anna placed the bottle in the middle and sat next to me.

She span the bottle.

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