Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

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38. *calums pov*

[skip to london]

*calums p.o.v* we got off the plane, we were finally here. The place I had been dreaming about my entire life, the band so far hasn't been able to come here, but now here we are. I was so excited.

"Cal" ash shouted.

"Yeah" I replied, I must have been in my own little world.

"There is something else we need to tell you" he said mysteriously as we got to the place where you pick up your bags.

"Oooh what?" I asked not talking my eyes off the conveyer belt incase my bag came.

"I will tell you when we get to the hotel" he smirked.

We all grabbed our bags and left, we walked out of the doors of the airport, this was it we were in London. We got a taxi to our hotel.

"An have you been here before?" I asked as we were getting out of the taxi.

"Thank you," she said handing the taxi driver some money "and yeah loads, I love it here."

We were staying in a really posh hotel near St. Paul's cathedral.

We opened the big oak doors leading to a grand foyer, there was a massive staircase. We walked in our jaws dropped.

"I'm just going to sort stuff out" Anna said walking to the front desk.

"Okay" mike said.

I looked around taking in the beauty of this place.

"Right there's two rooms, so two in one three inThe other" an said walking over.

"I think cal and an should share a room" ash said.

Luke shot him a glare.

"Yeah I agree" mike said

"Right let's go get sorted" an said walking upstairs with mike and ash, I stayed down to talk to luke. "We are on the second floor room 15 and 16" an shouted down to us.

"What was that about?" I asked luke.

"What?" He said

"The look you have ash" I said as if it was obvious.

"Nothing" he said walking upstairs, I shortly followed.

We found our rooms and walked in, not saying another word to each other.

"Hi babe" I chucked my bag on the bed.

"You okay?" She asked walking over to me.

"Yeah, I can't wait to do loads of things" she wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around he waist, removing all the empty space between us.

"Well it's good we have something planned for later" she whispered. I kissed her softly before letting go and in packing my stuff.

Once it was all packed away I laid down on the bed.

"Cal" an shouted.

"Yes" I jumped up.

"We need to leave at 7 we have 30 minutes"

"Okay, you frightened me, what are we doing?" I asked

"You will have to wait and see" she said peering her head around the bathroom door, she was putting make up on, even though she always looked beautiful to me.

Hello guys, thank you for reading. Sorry it's a rubbish chapter and sorry it's taking so long to update. I will be updating more often.

Also I need names for girls that mike and ash meet so comment some please. ~ 5sos 4life

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