Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


25. Ashton's pov

*ashtons p.o.v* finally Anna, calum, luke and Sophie came down stairs.

"Oh hey" Sophie said to us the 3 of them sat on the couch, and Anna got drinks.

"So what was your plan for today?" I asked anna

"Well it's something we will all enjoy, we were supposed to leave 2 hours ago though!" She shouted from the kitchen. She came out carrying a bag and no drinks "everyone get up and get your shoes on!" She said clapping her hands getting us to hurry up.

We were driving for 3 hours until we reached where Anna was taking us. It was an empty areana.

"What are we doing here?" Mike asked

"You'll see" she said as we walked Into the bare areana.

"And why are there instruments on stage?" Cal asked

"Wait. Stay here" she shouted running backstage.

*annas p.o.v*

"Wait. Stay here" I shouted running backstage

"You guys ready?" I asked

"Yeah" said jason.

"Okay when I shout four"

"Okay" he replied

"Good" I ran back to the others

"can you please tell us what this is all about?" Luke asked

"ONE TWO THREE FOUR" I shouted and on four green day walked out.

"What the, how the why? I just" cal spluttered.

"All will be explained." I shouted over the music.

Once they had finished playing I pulled calum onstage.

"Hey guys" I said

"Hi an" Billie said to me and have me a hug.

"Do you mind signing this?" I asked them as I pulled out calums poster.

"Sure" tré exclaimed. They all signed it and took photos with cal.

"We are really sorry but we have to go." Jason said walking off with mike and tré.

"So how have you been?" Billie asked me

"You know" I said he knew exactly what I meant

"Yeah it's tough but how come you moved here?" I had no time to answer

"Come on Billie" mike shouted.

"I'm sorry u really have to go but take this and phone me soon okay?" He said handing me a piece of card with his number on

"Okay" I said hugging him

"Take care" he shouted as he ran off.

Me and cal went to join the others, they were all staring at me waiting for an explanation o. What just happened.

"I will tell you when I get back to mine." I said pushing the bunch of them to the car.

I sat on the couch and everyone was staring at me still.

"Right basically" I began "my mum was cousins with Billie, they were really close and so we spent as much time with him as we could" I got interrupted by mike.

"Wait you said was" he said

"Her mum died" Sophie filled everyone in

"Right and when she died it hit Billie just as hard as it hit me, we became closer and when I found out he was in Sydney I thought it was about time I treated you four for being so nice and welcoming" meaning luke cal mike and ash "and obviously Sophie for always being there for me and for being my bestfriend"

"I never knew you were related to Billie joe Armstrong" Sophie exclaimed.

"I don't like to brag" I said

"And we didn't know about your mum" ash said.

"I like to think positively" I chuckled

"Anna can I talk to you upstairs?" Cal asked

"Yeah sure, if you guys want anything help yourselves" I said following cal to my room.

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