Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


44. annas pov

*annas p.o.v* me and cal fell asleep on the couch, we were awoken by a familiar load thud. I jumped up and answered the door, seeing the two police men stood there.

"Good morning" they said in unison

"Is it?" I asked. "Have you found tionne?" Cal stood next to me and put his arm around me.

"Its a very long story"

"Oh, would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?" Cal asked politely.

"Sure" they walked in and sat on the couch, I sat with them talking about tionne while cal made the tea.

"Did you find her?" I asked dying to know what happened. I was so worried about her.

"No, we came here to ask you to show us exactly where you dropped her.

"Um yeah sure, we just need to get changed. Hold on a second" I got up and walked to the kitchen.

"Cal they haven't found her" i sighed "they need our help"

"Okay, we need to get changed" he said flicking the kettle off and coming over to hug me.

"Cal come on we need to get changed" I said breaking the hug with a kiss.

We got changed and walked back down to the police officers.

"Ready?" The tall one asked.

"Ready" cal said as we walked out the door.

We walked them to the house we dropped tionne at, we noticed the door was open. I ran to it and shouted in " tionne!" I could hear a faint crying sound.

"Tionne!" I shouted again but this time running inside.

The house was dark and empty. The wall paper ripped and peeling. The light bulbs hanging from the ceiling smashed. The floor was covered in old news papers and loads of forgotten rubbish. Moulding food lay on the floor. I ran up the cadaverous stairs in search for tionne. I looked in room after shadowing room, all empty. I reached to last one, I pushed open the door. I saw tionne crouched in the corner of the room, her knees close to her chest and her head hanging low.

"Tionne!" I ran over to her crouched next to her putting my arm around her.

"I've been worried sick" I told her.

"I'm...I'm...I'm sorry" she looked up at me with her tearfilled eyes.

"Why are you here? I thought this was your home?" I asked her. She just wept.

Hey guys thank you so much for reading, let me know what you think of the story so far. I hope you are enjoying it. ~5sos 4life

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