Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


26. annas pov

*annas p.o.v*

Cal laid me on my bed and crawled over me so he was on top of me.

"Woah, where did this come from" I joked

"You" he said

"Me?" I was so confused

"Everything new I here about you makes me love you even more! And I didn't think it was possible to love you anymore than I already did" he exclaimed.

"Awh cal, you know what?"

"What" he said with his cheeky smile starting to appear.

"Everything that has happened with cam has made me realise how much I love you and I cannot bare seeing you in pain" calums face was so close to him and his hand was running down my leg it made my whole body tingle.

"Ooh" he shouted something came to him.

"I forgot to tell you I'm taking you out tomorrow." He said quietly.

"Awh cal thank you, and that's perfect because luke is taking Sophie out but she doesn't know so don't tell her" i was so excited. I didn't know what to wear, how to do my hair, what shoes what... My thoughts were cut of by calum pressing his lips against mine. He had never kissed me like this, he was so passionate about it. He rolled off me and say proper against the head if my bed, he stretched his legs out. And pulled me on top of him I pulled my knees to me chest wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his chest.

I woke up in the same position but cal now ha his strong arms wrapped around me to, I felt so safe in his arms. I looked up and saw he was staring at the bathroom door with tears rolling down his face.

"Cal" I said sitting up and looking into his deep brown eyes.

"Oh your awake" he stuttered rubbing the tears off his cheeks

"How long was I asleep and what's wrong?" I was really worried.

"About and hour and don't worry" tears still running down his face

"Calum" I said taking his hands in mine "I wont not worry, how often do you cry? Never and so it am really worried." I tried not to raise my voice but I was so concerned " you can tell me, you know I wont tell anyone"

"My mum wants to move" he was still crying

"What house, what so bad about that?" I was trying to be as comforting as I could.

"No to America" he was actually sobbing now.

" you, you can't!" I exclaimed "you can't leave I love you too much, please no!" Tears were now falling down my face as well. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

"If your mum does move you will live here with me." I stuttered into his chest.

"I will not let her" he had stopped crying now.

" please don't leave" I pleaded.

"I promised you I will never leave" he said "if she wants to leave I will find my own place"

"CAL" I had an amazing idea, I stood up.

"What" his worry filled voice asked.

"I've had an idea" I was nearly shouting.

"What, what's your idea?" He was now excited

"If your mum does leave you should move in here! I have two spare rooms and you are here all the time anyway, I cannot bare to let you go" I told him

"Oh my god, this is the best idea ever!" He shouted.

"Just don't say anything until your mum is sure she wants to leave" we were both excited at the idea.

"Anna, calum are you coming down stairs?" We heard luke shout.

"Come on we better go down" I said pulling cal.

"No, let's stay here and cuddle"

I pulled him up "we can cuddle downstairs" I told him.

He sat down and I sat on his lap, he wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked over to luke who sighed and rolled his eyes. We were all talking when there was a knock at the door.

"Who's that" Sophie asked me.

"I don't know" I said.

"I'll get it" cal said picking me up and putting me down on the couch again

"No," I said grabbing his shirt "what if it's cam, I will get it.

In the end we both were there to open the door. No one was there there was just a note. I picked it up and shut the door. I knew exactly who it was from CAM.

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