Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


21. Anna's pov

*annas p.o.v* as I was walking downstairs I realised that I still hadn't told Sophie. Me and calum walked into the kitchen. Sophie and luke were still in the basement i thought they would have at least woken up by now. So me and cal opened the door quietly went down into the basement. What we saw shocked both of us.

*10 minutes before*

*sophies p.o.v* me and luke woke up at 9ish and decided to watch some tv, we sat on the couch with a blanket over us.

Luke looked over to me as I was watching tv

"What?" I said happily

"What?" He asked back.

"Why are you staring at me?"

"I'm looking at the most beautiful person" He said.

All of a sudden he pulled me into his lap.

"Luke?" I asked

"Yeah?" He said

"What are you doing?"

"Making your dreams come true" I was really confused

"What do you..." I couldn't finish what I was saying because luke put his lips on mine. I thought I heard a door open but didn't care LIKE HEMMINGS WAS KISSING ME.

"What the?" Anna asked. I pulled away from luke and saw Anna and calum stood there smiling.

"Oh um morning an, morning cal" I said awkwardly.

"Can I talk to you please Soph" she said, what did she want I thought

"Yeah" I said getting and following her upstairs

"How are you?" She asked hugging me

"Good what about you?" I pulled away to get a drink.

"Good" she said

"So what do you need to tell me?" I was really curious.

"The other day, cal asked me out and I said yes" she squealed.

"OH MY GOD, yayayayay" I screamed hugging her.

The boys walked in as me and an say down with some toast.

"Can I have a shower please Anna?" Luke asked her

"Yeah sure you know where everything is" she replied to her.

"Thank you also can I talk to you Anna" he said.

"Yeah" she said following him what the heck did he want to talk to her about I though

Sorry if you are getting bored i promise some drama is coming just hold on. I can't wait to publish it:) ~ 5sos 4life :)

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