Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


17. Anna's pov

*annas pov* it was 10pm when Sophie got to mine, my dad still wasn't home and wasn't going to be for another week.

"Hello" I screamed as I opened the door and hugged her.

"Hey" she screamed and hugged me back, we both started crying, this was the longest we had ever been away from each other.

"Right I have the first week all planned out" I cleared my throat in a jokey way " first I will give you a tour of my house and the rest is a secret" I said poshly

"Ok where first?"

"This here is the front room"

"Oooh lovely" she said jokingly

"And this is the kitchen dinner" I said leading her throughout the door.

"Uh huh pretty big" she said admiringly

"This is the garden and pool"

"Oh my god you have a pool!" She almost shouted "it kinda looks like the pool in the amnesia video!" She did shout that time.

I knew the boys would of heard that as the door to the basement was in the kitchen.

"What's throughout that door?" She asked pointing to it.

"Oh just a cupboard" I said improvising "right now upstairs" I led her upstairs showing her my room my dad's room and the two spares she could pick from and she picked the bigger on with a double bed and a bathroom.

"Of course you pick this one" I said.

"Well..." She sighed "where's your dad anyway?"

"He's away on business so we have the house to ourselves" I said kind of lying knowing the boys where in the basement

"Let's go get food" I said knowing Sophie hadn't eaten

"Yeah I'm starving!"

I walked her back to the kitchen and started getting food,

"Sophie you know that door, it's not actually a cupboard it's the basement" I shouted basement so that the boys would here.

" I knew it" she said pointing at me as if she was telling me off "can we go down there?"

"Yeah that's the last stop on the tour!" I said. I opened the door and led her down the stairs, when she was half way down the boys started playing English love affair.

"What the, how the, w-why? Oh my god" she screamed as the boys came into view.

"All will be explained" I shouted over the music

"It started on a weekend in May, I was looking for attention needed intervention, felt somebody looking at me, with a powder white complexion feeling the connection..." Mike sang as Sophie danced and sang along.

Calum looked so perfect and I still couldn't believe he was all mine. We need to tell everyone, I couldn't keep it a secret from my bestfriend and some of my closest friends anymore.

When the song finished and the boys put there instruments down Sophie ran over to luke hugging him tight and almost crying.

"I warned you" I said to luke

"I warned you" he mimicked. I sighed really loudly

"Don't mind luke he's in a bad mood" ash said to Sophie.

"He might be in a bad mood but he's still perfect!" She said

"Can we... Wait you think I'm perfect?" He asked realising what she had just said. This was the most he had spoken all day!

"Pffffft YEAH!" She shouted

"Can we get food now?" Mike asked

"Yeah" Sophie ash and calum moaned in unison

"You guys go her yourselves I need to talk to luke alone!"

The four of them walked away and Sophie was poking mike in disbelief.

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