Sometimes dreams do come true...

When Anna moved into her new house at Sydney she had no idea she would who her neighbour was, and she couldn't even begin to imagine what happens!
Read to join her in her journey!

Just to say this is my first so leave a comment on what you think!


16. Anna's pov

*annas p.o.v* it was about 5pm when luke Michael and ashton shower up at my house, they did knock on calums door but me and him had spent the day together and I they obviously had worked that out quickly.

"So you two spent the day together" ashton said deviously

"Yeah and..." I could tell he was about to say he spent the night so I shot him a look and he understood and didn't say anything else.

"And what?" Mike asked.

"And Anna has big news!" Great thanks cal I thought

"Oooh what?" Ash and mike asked in unison

"My friend Sophie is coming from Brisbane to spend a couple of weeks, she is a massive fan so please don't frighten her too much but I will warn you luke she has obsessed over you for ages! Also I have a plan..." I continued to tell them the plan me and calum had devised which was: I would take Sophie on a tour of my house the basement being the last place. That is where the boys will be hiding with there instruments when the here us coming they will start playing English love affair. It was our song, by our song I mean we used to listen to it together in school and at sleepovers and it was our all time favourite, so it would kin of be a treat for me too, ever since I moved here I haven't heard them play all together in front of me so I was quite excited.

After I made sure everyone understood we had to go and get all of the instruments from cals the drums being a pain, but we managed.

I managed to get like on his own he hadn't said a word all evening.

"Luke what's wrong?" I asked nicely.

"Nothin" he said

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