Letters To You

letters to and from lou&Harry. What inspired this was Just a Little Bit of Your Heart and the fact that Harry wrote it. Oh and Mirrors ~~~~~~~~> the vid on the side
Bold will always be lou


16. Narative Chapter

Unknown Person's P.O.V

Almost a year has passed it's in the twenty-fourth of December the Where We Are tour has come and gone, the whole time Louis and Harry being affectionate to each other.  There was this one time where Harry was being Harry and dancing on one of the guys on stage and Louis got visably jelly and him and Harry went backstage and came back 20 minutes later both boys visiably disturbed. Then the lyric changes of Harry's and the dancing.  Then the fan favorite of all The Power Couple Strut, they loved seeing them do that. You could see if you looked at them that there was something there, but then again you won't find much unless your there to see it. Can you guess why? Yup, Modest. They ruined the guys, Louis used to smile and joke a lot, now he don't the light in his eyes is gone. Ever since Elounor happened he's been miserable, the fans was being torn appart on one side there was the shippers who believed in Larry Stylinson then there was the fans that genuinely believed Lou and Eleanor are together.

Liam is with Sophia, Louis and Harry are M.I.A, Niall is being Niall, and Zayn is on tour with Perrie.

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