Letters To You

letters to and from lou&Harry. What inspired this was Just a Little Bit of Your Heart and the fact that Harry wrote it. Oh and Mirrors ~~~~~~~~> the vid on the side
Bold will always be lou


17. Dear Hazz, 12/23 11:54 P.M

Dear Hazz,
Our families are going to get together for this Christmas and my birthday I'm really happy about that. Modest wants me to go out on a date with Eleanor, but I said no and so did Mum. They demanded that she come over to the house, but Mum said no. She said and I quote, ''
No tomorrow is his birthday then its Christmas therefore she is not welcome here his boyfriend will be coming over so you sir may leave." I had blushed when she said that, but she just kept going. I'm about to call you so I'm going to go bye bye love you. 


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