Letters To You

letters to and from lou&Harry. What inspired this was Just a Little Bit of Your Heart and the fact that Harry wrote it. Oh and Mirrors ~~~~~~~~> the vid on the side
Bold will always be lou


13. Dear Hazz 01/12

Dear Hazz,

  Zayn was so happy. We blind-folded him and lead him to the airport, and backed off. Perrie grinned and walked up to him, she kissed him to which he automaticly ripped the blind fold off after pulling away. When he saw her he pulled her back to him and kissed her, to which we all cheered. I tried not wanting it to be us, one day it will we just have to ditch Modest. We will, we're gonna get busy we leave for tour tomorrow. Well I need to get so rest good night Harry, I love you.
Love your, 

Boo Bear

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