Letters To You

letters to and from lou&Harry. What inspired this was Just a Little Bit of Your Heart and the fact that Harry wrote it. Oh and Mirrors ~~~~~~~~> the vid on the side
Bold will always be lou


14. Dear Boo 01/13

Hey Boo,
Zayn was thrilled yesterday, him and Perrie went out to dinner. I notice something different about you today, in the interview that is. Whenever they would ask about Larry Stylinson normally you would laugh and say no today you didn't do any of it you just looked at them and shrugged. I chuckled and Liam looked at you like you had grown four heads,  Modest was going to get pissed we all knew it. We had to sing our new single and you kept throwing your arm around my shoulders, everytime you did that I felt a shiver down my spine. I love you, Boo
Love your,

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