Red riding hood with a twist!

My own twist on a classic fairytale! Hope you enjoy!


1. prologue

Clarice skipped Down the long dirt road swinging her basket merrily. She'd been walking all day and was very tired but soon it would all be worth it because she would be at grandmothers house. And the best part is that she had done it all on her own with no help form mama or papa!

Clarice was so excited she hardly noticed the gloomy forest that surrounded her. It was late January and the trees had just started to regrow there leaves. Leaving most of the forest looking like bunches of dried wood ready for the fire.

It's was late , the sun just starting to set over the distant Mountains as clarice rounded the last bend. She sniffed the air fondly looking for the sent of her favorite dessert chocolate chip cookies.

But there was no sent of chocolate on the air. She new in a instant something was wrong. She stepped out into the clearing and What she saw she would never Forget for the rest of her life!

Claw makes and blood scared the ground. And the door that led to the little cottage her grandmother lived was ripped off it's hinges. It now sat resting at The base of the strong Oaktree on the other side of the clearing.

Clarice rushed to the black opening that was now the entrance of the little cottage. She called desperately for her grandmother and parents who would take in the trip out to see her grandmother earlier that day. The inside of the house was a mess The furniture lay skewed about the room broken ,ripped ,and ruined.

On the floor there was a long trail of blood that lead to the small kitchen that Clarice was too scared to follow. She walked up the staircase gripping the railing keep her from shaking. She went into each room looking for her parents and grandmother. But they where nowhere to be found.

She sat down on the bed in the guest room socked and trembling. She keep repeating the same questions over and over in her mind.

"What had happened here?"

"Where was mama & papa?"

"Where is grandma?"

But the only answer her mind could give her was "wolves!"

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