I love you more'


1. chapter 1

Ahrayah's POV:

"Hey babe come here" Ashton yells from the bathroom, "coming" I said as I walk into the bathroom of his apartment from the back deck,

I walk in and all of a sudden I see ashton,


amazing ,

ashton shirtless in his new swim trunks, my jaw opens slightly,

"How do they look?"he says

"I've seen better" I said jokingly a smirk appears on his face and he comes over and lightly kisses me on my head as he walks over and pulls something out of a dresser drawer.

"Here,love try this on" Ash says.

I look in his hands and see a beautiful red bikini

"Okay,if you say so" I say to him and I kiss his cheek then close and lock the bathroom door.

*5 mins later*

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