Four Lonely Timelords

The Four latest Doctors, nine through twelve meet up on Sundays for a meeting. Because nothing ever happens on sundays anyway, and it's fun to chat with someone who is so much like you and not at all at the same time.

Inspired by "The Sherlock Holmes Club" by Chappysmom on Archive of Our Own.


1. The First Sunday Meeting


The Doctor scratched the back of his head nervously, wondering if this would work. According to their calculations it must, but still, there was always, the teensy, tiny

chance it wouldn't. He checked the calculations on his sonic screwdriver one last time before scanning the door of his TARDIS and reentering his ship. 

Except it wasn't his anymore. In fact, he didn't recognize any of it from it's past decor, aside from little bits and pieces that resembled his, like the lighting, the stair cases and the glass floor. But now that he took a better look at it, he did recognize pieces. His previous regeneration's control booth was there, and even the one before that's walls. But he didn't recognize the stacked spinning silver discs above his head, or the pump in the center of the room. 

"Oy, watch it." An oddly familiar voice exclaimed as he bumped straight in to the bowtie wearing Timelord. 

Eleven turned around, away from the mismatched TARDIS and towards the other Timelord, already knowing which he would see. Sure enough, a man in a simplistic but stylish outfit with ears to rival an elephants stood before him. (He had really never noticed how big they really were until now) 

"I suppose you're me, then." Nine said as though discussing the weather while looking Eleven over. "How many away are you?" 

"Ah, two." Eleven replied, straightening his bow tie with a grin. "TARDIS looks a sight, doesn't she!" 

He gestured enthusiastically to the interior of the mis-matched Tardis. Nine moved past him to take a better look, mounting the stairs and entering the control platform. Eleven followed after him. 

"What's yours?" Nine asked, circling the controls and bending down to examine them curiously. 

"The platform and-" Eleven began. But the floppy haired Doctor didn't get to finish his sentence, because just then, a third man stumbled into the Tardis, coat flapping behind him, revealing its red lining. 

"Ah...Hello." He straightened up, eyes immediately landing on nine and eleven, who stared back, neither one being familiar with this regeneration. "Am I in the wrong place? something wrong, you two?" 

Nine shook his head and opened his mouth to speak when the door opened a fourth time, bringing in the fourth member of their party. Much like twelve, Ten's long coat flapped behind him as he entered, and he looked severely windswept. 

"Hellloo Doctors!" He greeted the rest enthusiastically, hardly paying twelve a glance as he took stepped to the side of the older Doctor. "Long time no see!" he waved at nine, before glancing at eleven and turning with an exaggerated 90 degree rotate to look at twelve, who stared back. 

"I'm OLD!" He screeched, enthusiastic smile fading and a look of horror entering his eyes. "OLD, Oh my-" 

Eleven chuckled as nine paled. "I don't seriously start acting like that, do I?"

"Do you really want me to tell you?" Eleven asked, not turning to face nine.

Nine hesitated. "...nah."




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