Why did you have to leave me?

This novel is based on a sad relation ship between a Niall Horan and a girl named Stephanie. Their love story isn't very slow and calm but fast and confusing. They both are happy until a horrible car accident happens. This novel is also a love story for those people who text and drive, stop texting and driving to protect your self from loosing a loved one.


5. official love

Hey guys I'm going to stop with the P.O.Vs now ok so yeah this chapter is going to be very sad so enjoy

A few months later...

It was official me and Niall were together.

Niall and I didn't get to spend much time together cause of all the concerts an stuff.

Two days later...

It was time I was going to see Niall today.

I was texting him while I was driving in my car.

Niall: can't wait to see you babe

Me: same here

Niall: love you and I am so exited to see you


Niall stood there waiting for Stephanie to answer.

"Come on mate we're on" Louis said to Niall

"Yeah okay" Niall reapplied

After 10 minutes Stephanie still didn't answer. Niall stood there worried. After the concert the boys went to their hotel.

"OH MY GOD NIALL!!!!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!" Louis yelled in shock.

Louis had been watching the news that same day. "Reporters say that all they found was a car that they say might have slipped off the road and that a 19 year old girl was found dead in the car with a phone in her hand investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of this car accident but until then this has been local news and thanks for watching.

Niall stood there in silence a tear slowly came down his face.

"NO NO NO NO THIS CANT...THIS JUST CANT!!!!!!!!!" Niall yelled.

Niall sat down crying "THIS IS ALL MY FAULT THIS IS ALL MY FAULT".

"Niall it not your fault" Harry said.


A few weeks later...

Niall was over at Stephanie's house to say bye. Niall hugged her parents and ran up to Stephanie's room he saw the guitar that she would always play with him. He started paying a few notes that him and Stephanie sang. He took off the guitar and slammed it on the wall. Stephanie's mom opened the door to see peaces of wood every where and Niall on the floor crying.

She at next to him and tried to calm him down. "Look I know you miss her we all do but it just life we all die some day" Stephanie's mom said to Niall. "Yeah okay" Niall said crying.

Two years later...

After a concert harry was giving a speech and handed the mic to Niall. Niall began to talk about him falling in love with a fan and how she was in a better place now. The boys group hugged and started singing little things. Niall filled with tears and a small smile on his face.

The end

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