Why did you have to leave me?

This novel is based on a sad relation ship between a Niall Horan and a girl named Stephanie. Their love story isn't very slow and calm but fast and confusing. They both are happy until a horrible car accident happens. This novel is also a love story for those people who text and drive, stop texting and driving to protect your self from loosing a loved one.


2. mistakes

Harry's P.O.V -

I was just walking to my hotel room but I noticed two girls in front of my door. One girl had brownish and blond hair and look like she was 19 or 18. The other girl had blond hair and looked like she was 17 or 18. I was going to surprise them but I kind of walled to them at the wrong time I didn't know the girl that was older had gum in her mouth. She was going to spit it out but it landed on my shoes. She had a bit of fear in her eyes you could tell. I wasn't mad but if she does that to me then I get a little kiss from her. But she just yanked her sisters arm and the older girl dropped her phone. So I ran after them and I yelled "mate ya dropped somethin'" so she just stopped and stood there for a minute and turned around and started walking towards me. So before she got her phone out of my hand I put my hand up in the air with her phone. I was just about to say "if u want your phone back then I want a kiss" but she kicked me in my balls!!!! I thought "you little..." In my head. Then Niall opened the door and saw me on the floor.

Niall's P.O.V -

I was on my twitter page reading some old tweets from last year. A few minutes pasted and I could her some one out side the door that sounded like Harry in pain or something. So I decided to see what it was but to my surprise it was harry and he was in pain. I saw two girls running down the hall. "What happened lad?!" I asked. "Stop them" he said in pain.

Should I make a part 3?

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