Why did you have to leave me?

This novel is based on a sad relation ship between a Niall Horan and a girl named Stephanie. Their love story isn't very slow and calm but fast and confusing. They both are happy until a horrible car accident happens. This novel is also a love story for those people who text and drive, stop texting and driving to protect your self from loosing a loved one.


4. mistake or not?

Stephanie's P.O.V. -

After all the lovey dovey crap, I was thinking about it and I thought that was to fast and that maybe it was a mistake. I was pretty mad at my self and at Niall. I felt so stupid but it was just a few kisses and that's all. But thank god we didn't go too far but I was still mad. I decided not to talk to him or hang out with him. A few weeks later they had a concert with a band call 5 second of summer. I learned their names faster than one direction.

Niall's P.O.V -

I was just going to ask stephanie out but I was thinking that it would be to fast and wired or something.

After a few days I noticed that Stephanie was ignoring or avoiding me. I thought that she liked someone ells so I just left her alone. After a few weeks I had a concert with the 5SOS boys. I thought I should bring Stephanie so I did. The whole time Stephanie looked at Luke in a sorta scaredish and loveyish way I don't know I just tried having fun.

Luke's P.O.V -

I was at concert with the 1D boys and through the whole concert a girl that was with the 1D boys named Stephanie. She cep looking at me through out the concert. I tried talking to her but she would look down at the ground. She finally face at me and her face was pretty hot/cute but I wasn't in love. After all that I was pretty tiered so I just passed out at the hotel.

Ok part 4 is coming soon sorry this and all the other chapters where short in bizzy with school ok so ✌️

P.s. Sorry I didn't know what to say for the 5sos part lol

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