Why did you have to leave me?

This novel is based on a sad relation ship between a Niall Horan and a girl named Stephanie. Their love story isn't very slow and calm but fast and confusing. They both are happy until a horrible car accident happens. This novel is also a love story for those people who text and drive, stop texting and driving to protect your self from loosing a loved one.


3. it just happened

Niall's P.O.V -

So while harry laid there I followed the two girls. The 19 year old girl noticed me. She stopped and said "are you following us". So I just stood there "umm maybe...okay harry told me to so don't blame me okay. "Harry? So that's his name hmmh okay you wanna hang out or somethin'" she asked."okay I guess" I told her. We walked to her hotel room. Her sister walked to the bathroom and I guess she was taking a shower. So I asked her a few questions and stuff. "What's your name?" I asked. "Stephanie and yours" she responded. "Niall, so where are you from?" I asked. "London your self?" She asked. "Ireland" I said. "Hmmh cool" she said in a playful voice. I couldn't help it but I couldn't make my face look at her face cause I felt like I was in love with her. About 16 minutes pasted we just sat there talking and watching TV (BTW her sister had a date to go to). So at the end it was like 11:04p.m in the night. I was just about to leave when she kissed me on my cheek. "Bye Niall" she whispered in my ear. I could hold my love for her I grabbed her face and kissed her I the lips I could feel her lips so soft. We both sat down on the couch and we started making out next thing we knew we where in her bed but nothing over board went on or anything.

Holy moly should I make a part 4 or what?!

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