Why did you have to leave me?

This novel is based on a sad relation ship between a Niall Horan and a girl named Stephanie. Their love story isn't very slow and calm but fast and confusing. They both are happy until a horrible car accident happens. This novel is also a love story for those people who text and drive, stop texting and driving to protect your self from loosing a loved one.


1. how it all began

Stephanie's P.O.V -

It's wired how I met Niall ok *flash back*

I was only 19 years old my mom I and my siblings were on vacation for five weeks my sister was such a big one direction fan she found out that they were staying at the same hotel she pulled my hand and yanked me off my bed.

So we walked to their door.

I was pretty nervous cause I hardly knew their names. Me and my sister found the room that they were in I was chewing gum and be for she even nocked on the door I was just about to spit my gum out but I didn't notice that one of the boys we're aside of me and my gum fell on Harry's shoe. I was afraid that he was going to get me in trouble so I yanked my sister and we both started running but I looked back I wasn't sup-prized to see harry following us and yelling "mate ya dropped somthin'". When he said that I thought he meant my gum but stupid me I dropped my phone and there was no way I was going to turn around and get my phone from him. So I did the dumbest/meanest thing EVER. I decided to kick him as hard as I could in the bum and run away but it failed and kinda worked. I was just about to get my phone out out of his hand but he put his hand up with my phone so I got a little idea to kick his balls instead of his bum so I did I could tell it hurt. He dropped my phone but I caught it before it hit the floor.

Hmmh...should I do a chapter two

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