Where the Pavement Falls Short

Marissa was 16 and very unsure of herself. She stayed away from large crowds. Marissa was homeschooled until 9th grade, when she went to high school. When she meets a lot of other people, what will happen to her and others around her? (Jordan made a song called "Where the Pavement Falls Short" and my friend Jade said it should be a book. Thats where I got her pets names from. And the idea to make this.) (Original cover by my best friend Abby)


4. Next Day

 When I wake up, I do the normal. Eat, brush your teeth, brush your hair, get dressed, make your bed, and get ready for school. I don't check my phone or anything. My mom asks me the normal every morning questions. How I slept, how breakfast was, and what I am doing in class today. Then I go to the bus stop.

  I stand at the bus stop, quietly, waiting for the bus. Some kid, Thomas I think, finds a long stick. He decides to chase people around with it. I was too into my book to realize he was running twords me. Thomas ends up crashing into me, knocking me over. I slam into the ground. He gets right up, gets his stick, and asks if I'm "ok". What the hell do you think, dumbass? I think. My eyes are tearing up. I can't move my leg because it hurts too much and I have scrapes all over. Everyone gasps and stares at me. I get up and act like I'm ok. I take out my phone to call my mom when I realize Chris sent me a few texts. I just simply text him back with "I won't be at school today.. not that it matters". I explain the situation to my mom and she takes me to the hospital.

  After a few x-rays, I get the news that my leg is broken. No school for about 3 days. They clean out my scrapes and give me something to keep my leg still until I get a cast. When I get home, I instantly go on my bed and watch "The Walking Dead".

  When my dad gets home, he asks how it happened. I explain it exactally how it happened: "Some kid, Thomas I think, found a stick and chased everyone. I was reading and he ran into me."

  "Well, I just hope he will get punished someway. It's very... uh... inmature to chase people with sticks. It's even worse to run into some innocent person and break their leg." He walks out. I decide to write a journel to let everyone know that everything will be on hold. I thought I might be able to do some extra work, but I'll need that time to Skype my teacher to learn the lessons and stuff. I check my phone. "Why? and it does matter". I send him back: "Some kid ran into me with a stick and broke my leg". We just text until I have to go for dinner.  

  After dinner, I draw a journel doll becuase I wanted a special one for this. It was just my OC with a cast and crutches. Nothing fancy. I get a few "Get better soon!" comments. I just read them all and say thank you. It took a while. When I was done, my mom gave me more pain medicine and I went to bed.

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