Where the Pavement Falls Short

Marissa was 16 and very unsure of herself. She stayed away from large crowds. Marissa was homeschooled until 9th grade, when she went to high school. When she meets a lot of other people, what will happen to her and others around her? (Jordan made a song called "Where the Pavement Falls Short" and my friend Jade said it should be a book. Thats where I got her pets names from. And the idea to make this.) (Original cover by my best friend Abby)


2. First Day

 I wake up to a whiskery face nudging my arm. I look to see which dog it is.

 "Hello, Jordan. It looks like it gonna be a good day. Besides the fact of school... I wish I could stay here with you and be left alone for most of the day. Mom wants me to at least try one year of going to school." Jordan walked out of my room, as if to try and lead me into the kitchen. As I get out of bed, I notice Jade still laying in her bed. I decide to leave her to her sleep as I walk out the door.

  "Morning, mom." I say in the most unhappiest tone. She looks at me confused for a few seconds.

  "Oh, Morning Marissa. Don't worry, you'll be fine. There is nothing to worry about." My mom tries to tell me. I ignore her but act like I heard her. When I decide to go and eat the cinnamon rolls, I notice a bag by the door.

  "Mom, why will I need that?" I ask. "Won't we keep everything in school? And won't they provide us with what we need?"

"No. You bring supplies from home to use at school. You may keep some things there, but not everything. You bring stuff home to study or work on. Don't worry, the teachers will help with stuff." She walks out of the room. She is probably going to go and watch another episode of Doctor Who. Mom loves that show.

  As I brush my teeth, I can't stop thinking about what to do when I walk in. As I pause, thinking, I look in the mirror. My face is in the funniest position ever, which makes me laugh very hard. As toothpaste flies out of my mouth, I laugh harder. Soon, I can't stop laughing until I remember what is going to happen today.

  When I'm done getting ready, I sit on my bed.  Jade has finally woken up and gone to eat her breakfast. Jordan is laying down on my feet. As my mom calls me to come and get in the car, I look at him.

  "Well, bye, I guess. Make sure Jade doesn't get into trouble, ok?" I tell him. I know he is a dog and won't understand, its just nice talking to an animal. They seem to tell what you are saying by the tone in your voice. They don't make any mean or annoying comments back, which is probably one of the best things. They also seem to know what to do when you say certian things.

  When we arrive at school, I'm instantly nervous to get out of the car.

  "B-but mom... thats a lot of people..." I say in a shakey voice.

  "Don't worry, Marissa. You'll be fine. You're great with your brother and the dogs. I bet you'll be just fine with other people. Now, shoo. Enjoy your first day at school!." As I get out of the car, I glance back at my moms car. She was looking at me encouragingly, as if telling me to go talk to someone. Instead, I take out my phone and look around on google. I am not ready to talk to people. If they want to talk to me, they're going to have to wait.

  As we go our first class, some boy tries to talk to me.

  "Hello! You must be new. I'm Chris. If you need any help, just ask me." He says in the kindest voice. I decide to introduce myself too.

  "Hi. I'm Marissa. And yes, I'm new. I've never been at school before." I'm almost shaking. Did I speak too fast? Too slow? What if my breath smells bad?

  "Well, don't worry. Everyone here is nice but them." He points to a group of girls. "Those girls may be kind and innocent looking, but they will not be afraid to yell at you. They think they are the queens of the earth. Even a teacher last year knew not to mess with them."

  "Thanks for telling me, but I have to get to class." As I quickly walk away, he follows slowly. I don't let him know I know hes following me.

 The rest of the day was the same. Go to class to class. In all the classes I went, we had to introduce ourselves. I always hated that. Besides that, I didn't have to say anything to anyone. When I got home, my mom asked me a bunch of questions. I simply ignored her a little bit and ate my dinner. When I was done with that, I played fetch with Jade and Jordan for a little bit. When the dogs were tired, I went and watched a few more episodes of The Walking Dead before my mom made me go to bed.

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