Where the Pavement Falls Short

Marissa was 16 and very unsure of herself. She stayed away from large crowds. Marissa was homeschooled until 9th grade, when she went to high school. When she meets a lot of other people, what will happen to her and others around her? (Jordan made a song called "Where the Pavement Falls Short" and my friend Jade said it should be a book. Thats where I got her pets names from. And the idea to make this.) (Original cover by my best friend Abby)


3. Being Called On

  I woke up the next morning and saw that my mom went out for the day. She left a note on the table. It said: "Your breakfast is in the fridge. Please take a shower before you go to school. Don't forget anything." As I looked in the fridge, I saw a plate with some fruit on it. I took it out and sat at the table to eat. I watched cat videos on my laptop while I ate. When I finished, I fed my dogs and took a long shower. As I gathered my things, I realised that since my mom wasn't home, she would know whether I went to school or not. I thought about staying home for a few seconds until I realised I would get into a lot of trouble. I waited for the bus. When it was coming, I said bye to my dogs and walked out the door.

   I went to my first 3 classes. In my forth class, I was just doing my work. The teacher chose others to pass papers out. We had to write a paragraph about the book we were reading. When the bell rung, we all went to lunch. I got my lunch and enterd the cafeteria. I sat alone to eat my lunch. When we got back to class, the teacher wanted a few of us to read to the class what we wrote about our books. No one raised their hand.

  "Marissa, can you please tell us about your book?" She asked nicely. I looked around for a few seconds. She laughed. "Don't worry. I won't make you do anything you're uncomfortable doing." All the other students looked at me. I sunk into my chair and read my book, ignoring the people while shared what they wrote. When the bell rung, I quickly got out of the classroom to avoid being spoken to. When I looked behind me, Chris was following me.

  "Hey, wait up!" He yelled. I slowed down for a few seconds, thinking. Sadly, that was enough time for him to catch up. "What happened back there?"

  "Nothing." I mumbled back. "I just don't like talking to others."

  "Oh... I see. Well, I'll leave you alone than" 

  "Its ok... I'll have to get used to it anyway." I looked down at the ground, hoping he will still want to leave me alone.

  "So... its ok if I talk to you?"

  "Not really." I quietly said back. After that, we walked to our next class in silence. 

  When I got home, my mom was still out. I went to read my book. When I went to the page I was on, there was a note in it. It said: "Hello, Marissa. Its just me, Chris, wondering if you want to text me sometime :) " I froze. There was a phone number underneath the rest of what he wrote. Why would he want to text me?! I got my phone out. Why not say hello? I went and added him as a contact. I sent a message saying: "Hello, its Marissa. Why do you want to talk to me so badly?" I waited a few seconds for a reply. When I didn't get one, I just went and read my book. When I got hungry, I went and made myself a hot dog. I had some chips with it. When I was done, I checked my phone to see is Chris or my mom sent anything. Chris replied to me: "No one else is. It isn't fun being lonely, so I decided to say hello." It was sent 3 minutes ago. He was probably still on his phone. My mom said she would be home by 9. It was 5:26 p.m. , so I had some time to do anything but my homework. I let my phone play some random music. When it started with my favorite song, I maxed out the volume. I responded to Chris and got to my homework.

  When I finished my homework, Chris and I were talking about music and video games. I like to play adventure, shooting, and creating games. Puzzle games aren't that bad either. When my mom got home, she came into my room to ask me how my day was.

  "Hello, Marissa. How was your day?" She asked nicely.

  "Good. I have a friend." I calmly told her, focused on texting. "His name is Chris. I've been talking to him."

  "Really?" She hugged me. "I'm so proud of you!" As she hugged me, I did nothing. "Well, I'm going to have a snack. Would you like something?"

  "I'll have some popcorn. Thanks." I continued texting. We said we would go and play LittleBigPlanet 2 together. I started my Playstation 3 and put LittleBigPlanet 2 in. When I signed into Playstation Network, he was already on and sent me a friend request. I accecpted it and started the game. My mom brung me my popcorn and said I have till 11. Chris and I played a few platformers and created some random stuff. When it was 11:13, I realized I was supposed to be off. I quickly got off and went to bed, tired from walking from one class to another.

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