Isabella was living a normal life until her mom died now she lives with her father thats beats and abuses her and she self harms she has blue eyes and blonde hair it was all bad and horrible until something wonderful happens.


1. chapter 1

Isabellas POV: I woke up hearing my dad baning on my door screaming Isabella get your ass down stairs and get me some beer so I got up fast put on black leggings and a blue ruffle tank top and some turqoise converse and a blue hoddie so no one could see my burns,scars,and,brusies from my dad beating and abusing me and also some cuts beacuse i self harm so i went down stairs and asked how i was supposed to get the beer if he had money or if i should steel it he said whatever so that men't to steel it so i wen't across the street and walked in the back of the gas station so no one would notice me i wen't and grabbed three bottles of beer and put them under my hoddie and walked out the back very quietly i saw two huge tour busses out front one said five seconds of summer and the other said one direction i was literaly freacking out inside.  Lukes POV: I saw a girl walk out of the back of the gas station we were at everyone was in one tour bus at the time haning out the girl was limping I said lads come look so Ashton, Calum Micheal, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry all walked over to the window she dosen't look ok I said so I walked outside with Niall and we were walking up close to her she turned around saw us and started running so we ran after her she ran inside a house across the street. Isabellas POV: I ran inside and closed the door there were two blonde boys chaseing me i wen't to my dad and gave him his beer he said its about time and he slapped me hard and it stung then he threw me too the ground and started kicking me in my stomach I screamed as loud as i could scream so he kicked me harder. Harrys POV: When Niall and Luke both got back on the bus I heard a girl scream so did the other boys we all got out of the bus and followed were the screaming was coming from we ended up at a house across the street from the gas station we were at then i heared Luke say that this was the house that girl ran into I knocked on the door and the screaming stopped and a man open the door and said what do you won't I said we heared some screaming. Isabellas POV:I stopped screaming when I heared a knock on the door then dad was talking to someone than all of a sudden dad slammed the door. Harrys POV: When the man closed the door we heard him screaming at someone then all of a sudden it was dead silent we opened up the door the man was no were to be seen but we saw a beautiful girl that looked around our age with blonde hair but she wasn't moving. Isabellas POV: Dad slammed the door and started yelling at me then he started kicking and punching me then everything wen't dark I woke up in the hospital and the nurse looked at me and walked out of the room when she came back nine boys came in behind her      

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