Match Maker [C.H. Fanfic]

"Match me," he said more of a command than a question. "Sure...." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


5. Chapter 3

"What about Madison?" Gabby asked as we sat on my bed. She was listing off girls that I can set Calum on a date with.


"The problem with Madison is she likes to gossip and Cal doesn't like those kinds of people. He likes someone with a great personality and is loyal," I answered.


"What about Kimberly?" Gabby asked. I thought a minute then realized she was talking about me. I sat up and she giggled.


"Very funny but I don't want to ruin Cal and I's friendship," I answered. Gabby rolled her eyes. "Besides. He wouldn't like me like that anyways," I added.


"How do you know that? He could be secretly wanting you to match him up with you," she pointed out. I thought for a moment. It would be really cute if that was true but it probably isn't.


"Don't be silly, Gabs. He doesn't like me like that. Period. Now continue listing off names," I said and Gabby sighed.


"Hey Kim!" Calum greeted me when I walked into school. "Have you found someone for me yet?" he asked eager. 


"No. Sorry," I answered. He frowned. I walked over to my locker and put what I wasn't going to use in there. "Who do you think you want to be with?" I asked as I turned to him. Calum's locker was right next to mine so talk a lot more then the others. He thought for a moment.


"Hm... I don't know. That is why I asked you to match me," he answered. I closed my locker. Then it hit me.


"Diana!" I almost shouted. Diana is a girl from my math class. She is super shy but super sweet. She loves school and has a passion for the guitar like Calum does. Calum looked at me funny.


"Who's Diana?" he asked. I smirked. I don't know why I didn't think of her before.


"She's a girl in my math class. She's super shy and super sweet," I answered. For a moment I thought I saw sadness in Calum's face like he actually was hoping that I was going to set him up with me but then it was gone and he had a big smile on his face.


"When do I meet her?" he asked eagerly.



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