Match Maker [C.H. Fanfic]

"Match me," he said more of a command than a question. "Sure...." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


4. Chapter 2

"I know what I have to do," I said as I looked at my four best friends, Luke, Gabby, Ashton, and Michael. Calum hasn't showed up at my house yet so I guess this is a good time to talk about him to them.


"Have to do about what?" Michael asked confused.


"About Calum," I answered.


"What do you have in mind?" Gabby spoke up. 


"I decided to set Calum up with someone," I said slowly. Everyone's head turned to me.


"You're actually going to set him up with someone?" Gabby asked. I nodded my head sadly. 


"You see, there's no way I can set him up with me. I don't even know if he likes me..." 


"Actually-" Luke was about to begin but Michael elbowed him really hard. "I mean go on," he said instead. Something is going on.


"Anyways," I continued. "Who should I put him with?" I asked. Everyone shrugged. Before we could discuss any further, Calum walked through the door. 


"Hey guys. Sorry for the wait. I had to help my dad with something," Calum said he took a seat next to me. 


"Hey Cal," I said awkwardly. I tried to put a smile on my face but I think I failed.


"Are you okay, Kim?" he asked me worriedly.


"Yeah! I'm fine! Lets talk about something else," I answered.


"Did you guys know that Jessica and Brad broke up!" Gabby blurted out. I zoned out after that. 



After everyone left I walked up stairs to think who I could set Calum up with. Vesta? No. She's bad and could put Calum in harm. Amber? No. She's to mean to be with him. Than who? I fell asleep with questions in my head.


Hey everyone! I'll try to update this more but I've been busy with other movellas so I'll try.


Anyways! I want to try some chapter goals because I don't know how I'm doing and I need some feedback.


Chapter goal: 4 comment, 1 favorite and 2 likes


Can we get there? 


Anyways! Love you guys!



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