Match Maker [C.H. Fanfic]

"Match me," he said more of a command than a question. "Sure...." © 2014 Movellas ApS. All Rights Reserved.


3. Chapter 1


"What am I going to do, Gabs!" I yelled as I paced my room. Gabby was just sitting on my bed. She shrugged. 


"I don't know, Kim. It's not like you can set him and you together. That's impossible," she exclaimed. Then an idea came to mind.


"What if I made up a person!" I stopped pacing.


"That would never work! And it will probably ruin your's and Cal's friendship. Kim, why can't I just ask him if he likes you? or maybe Luke can," Gabby gave me a worried look like she always does when I'm in crazy stuff like this.


"No! Then he will know something is up! I can't risk that..." I answered slowly, imagining what would happen if that did happen. Gabby sighed.


"And you can't risk your's and Calum's friendship either so I advise you NOT to do it," she warned as she got up."I have to go. Luke wants to hang out. Bye." I waved as she left. 


What should I do then! I'm a match maker! It's in my blood to help people and I can't even help myself! I laid on my bed. Maybe Gabby is right? Maybe I should find Calum a girl then move on. I know that's not what she said but I still! At least I thought about that! My phone interrupted my thoughts. I picked it and pressed the answer button.


"Hello?" I answered through the phone.


"Kim? Is that you?" I heard a familiar male voice say. Ashton.


"Ash? What's up?"


"Gabby said Calum asked you to match him with someone. Need help?" I groaned. Gabby always has to ask Ashton or the others for help because she doesn't trust me. When I was helping her get together with Luke she asked Cal to help because she didn't want me to miss up or something. We have a weird friendship.


"No! I can do this! I just need to think," I replied as I started to pace the floor like I did when Gabby was over a few minutes ago. 


"Calm down. I was just asking. Gabby was just worried. And who could blame her. Remember when Gabby was sixteen and liked Jake and you tried to set them up?" he asked. I remember very well. Long story short, it turned out Jake only went out with Gabby because he wanted to get closer to me. But I'm glad everything worked out good with her and Luke. They seem to really like each other. 


"Don't remind me," I sighed."Thanks for calling but I'm good," I said as I hung up. After that all the boys were trying to call me. Even Gabby! I didn't answer any of them but I did listen to the voicemails. I just don't know what to do and I don't need anyone's help! I can do this. I just need to think....


Hey guys! Well this is the first chapter. Sorry if it sucks.... I will be asking questions so I can get some ideas from your answers so here we go!

Did you think it was a wise idea when Kimberly reject Ashton's help? Why or why not?

Hope you guys like this movella! I will be working hard on this one! 

Love you guys! Don't forget to answer the question!


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