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1. I've got a secret

I've got a secret that I'm not allowed to tell. My name is Megan horan. i know what your thinking i must be related to one direction niall horan. And that's my secret.

being related to niall horan isn't as easy as it seems. well it was easy till the day niall got off the take me home tour.


"Megan!", i heard my mom yell. "yes!", i yelled back. "Bailey is here.", she replied. "ha Bailey", i said while walking downstairs.

want to come upstairs "sure." Bailey replied. when we got upstairs to my room i heard a noise outside my window. i went to check and saw a black limo.

i started to freak out. "um Bailey you've got to go.", i said nervously. "why?", she asked, "i just got here."

" you've really got to go please."

she was about to walk out the back door till i moved her to the front door.

" what was that about Megan?", my mom asked. " niall's home", i said. " niall home he really needs to warn us next time.", she murdered under her breathe.

"ha, I'm home." i heard a deep Irish voice say. "NIALL!", i yelled and gave him a hug.

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