Forgotten Victor

My name is Rose Everdeen. I am 18, I won the 70th Hunger Games. I bet you've never heard of me, well, now you can know my story.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins does.


2. Oh snaperdoodle

The non-hunger games character in there is an OC made by Jahvy D. Prince on

Katniss's POV

Haymitch and Rose are mentoring Peeta and I more than we are them. Tomorrow they go to the arena.

My sister is such a rebel. She held hands with everyone, all of the tributes. The cameras didn't stop recording in time. All of Panem watched her deny everything she raised to believe in. She just threw her life away more than she already has. She threw away the lives of our family. She threw away the life of my unborn child. Does she realize what she just did? She probably didn't. She wouldn't just throw Prim's life away in the blink of an eye.

Before we went back to the twelve floor Peeta and I talked to the only mentor for District 7, Quasimodo Longlake.

The next thing I remember is flying through the air and everything turning black.


Third Person POV


All of Panem watched as the Districts slowly and painfully exploded killing everyone, but a few survivors with nothing left.


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