If Calum Knew

Talia is Calum's 17 year-old little sister. Its pretty obvious for Calum is one of the hottest boys in school and Talia is one of the prettiest girls. She is humble and kind. Although she can get anyone in the school, she has her eyes on her brothers bestfriend; Luke Hemmings.


3. The Skip

Talia walked out of class and found Luke making out with Justice at her locker. She gave them a dirty look and put in her earphones. She opened her locker and Luke came on the other side of her. "Hey babe." he said. "Get the hell away from me. Why did you kiss me? You have a girlfriend." Talia said, taking out her books. He slammed the locker door closed when she walked away from it. "You dont talk that way to me!" he said, so mad his face was getting red. Talia pushed him away and when he was about to fight back, Calum came around the corner from the second hall. "Ready?" he said. Talia locked arms with Ashton and Luke followed behind Michael. They skipped school.

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