If Calum Knew

Talia is Calum's 17 year-old little sister. Its pretty obvious for Calum is one of the hottest boys in school and Talia is one of the prettiest girls. She is humble and kind. Although she can get anyone in the school, she has her eyes on her brothers bestfriend; Luke Hemmings.


2. School with 5SOS

Talia walked off the bus, wrapped her earphones around her IPhone 5c as she walking into the school lobby. There were 3 hallways to go down. As she walked towards the middle one, Luke grabbed her arm and pulled her down the right hallway. "What the hell, Luke. I have to get to class," said Talia. "Me and the boys-" started Luke; "The boys and I." said Talia, correcting Luke and trying to hold in her laughter. "Blah Blah the boys and I are skipping 5th period. Wanna join?" asked Luke, still holding on the Talia's arm. Talia looked up at Luke's crystal blue eyes and said sure. Luke let go, still looking in her eyes, but then grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Talia pushed him away and stared at him with shock. He tried to kiss her again and this time, she gave in. Why was he kissing her? They were bestfriends, not lovers. Her pushed away from her, smiled, and put his finger to his lips as to say "be quiet". She was confused due to the fact that he has a girlfriend, whose name is Justice. She had Red hair with black and blonde highlights. She was very pretty. Why did Luke kiss Talia if he has Justice? He walked away while messing with his lipring.

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