If Calum Knew

Talia is Calum's 17 year-old little sister. Its pretty obvious for Calum is one of the hottest boys in school and Talia is one of the prettiest girls. She is humble and kind. Although she can get anyone in the school, she has her eyes on her brothers bestfriend; Luke Hemmings.


1. Morning in the Hood house

Talia Hood wakes up and walks to her bathroom. She slips on band merch and a thigh length skirt. She takes out her curling iron and curls a few strands of her plum colored hair. She likes to dye her hair a lot.

"TALIA!!!" yelled Calum.

Talia rolled her eyes and went downstairs with her black vans in her left hand. Calum was standing next to the fridge wearing nothing but boxers.

Can you get something on, please?" asked Talia, covering her eyes.

Calum grabbed an apple and went upstairs. Talia grabbed her lacw rugsack and went out the door. While she walked to the bus stop, Calum came running up behind her wearing a baseball tee and ripped jeans. "Why are you wearing that?" asked Talia.

Out of no where, Luke shows up.

"Hey Hemmings.." said Talia, looking at Calum and Luke's matching baseball tees'. "Hey Tally" said Luke, giving Talia a cheesy smile.

"Fuck off." said Talia annoyed; "Dont swear!" said a happy Ashton running down the street in the same baseball tee as Calum and Luke. "Why are you guys wearing baseball tees?!" said Talia, annoyed yet humored. "Because we feel like it, baby Hood" said Calum. "Excuse you?" said Talia. Right then the bus came. It was swaying side to side so Michael was obviously already on it. You can see his bright red hair through the windows. "New hair?" said Talia, walking up on the bus stairs. "Yup. I was gonna get plum to match yours but your hair is ugly." said Michael, trying to make Talia mad. Talia playfully punched him in the arm. "Her hair is actually quite pretty." said Ashton. Talia smiled at his comment but kept walking to the back of the bus. She liked to sit in a big seat so she can lay her legs out and listen to music. She sat down and Luke decided to sit on her legs. "Get off, Luke!" yelled Talia. Luke playfully smacked her cheek, laughed, and ran to the front of the bus before Talia can hit him back. It was a short bus ride but with those boys, it took forever.

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