Stairway To Heaven

"You know what they are. You've hidden them, in the corner of your mind. You've tried to forget them. But still. You know they're there. Statues. Statues of angels, hiding in graveyards, or as downtown monuments. You could have sworn you've seen them move, but you've convinced yourself it was just a trick of the mind. Bad move. That was a bad move, Dean Winchester. Because now they know you. And they're not just coming for you. They're already here."


2. All Ponds go to Heaven

“Yes, alright. Goodbye, Sharon.” Amy released an exasperated sigh, placing the heel of her palm on her aunts shoulder blade, pushing her slender figure towards the open door. Sharon turned back around with a look of pure disapproval. Her eyebrows were sharply turned up, and her icy blue eyes were open wide. She ran her teeth over her pursed lips and opened them to scold her niece.

“Amy!” She took in a breath and crossed her arms over her chest. Amy sighed, tilting her head back, knowing what was coming next. “I told you to stop calling me Sharon! It's—” Amy cut her off, joining in on her sentence.

“—Disrespectful. You've told me this before. But you know, it is your name.” She, too, crossed her arms, mimicking her Aunts posture. Offering an over-exaggerated eye roll at Sharons slightly offended look, she sucked in a breath. “Okay, I'm sorry. Now go! Out! I'll be fine.” She pushed her out, wrapping her fingertips around the bronze doorknob. “Have fun!” Sticking her head out the crack in the door, she extended her arm, wiggling her fingers in a wave. She laughed as she watched her aunt shake her head at Amy's antics and took a step back, pushing the door closed. Hearing the bang that followed, she flinched slightly and ran a hand through her bright ginger locks, tucking a strand behind her ear and stalking over to the living area, plopping down on the sofa. She leaned forward, grabbing the remote and turning the TV on. She pulled her legs up under her, not paying a severe amount of attention to the Saturday cartoons, and directing her hearing to the lawn outside, listening for the sound of wheezing.

After just below an hour of moping around in boredom, her expectations were fulfilled. The familiar sound of the TARDIS wheezing filled her ears, and a wide grin fell upon her face. She jumped up, forgetting about the television, and skittered her way to the front door, peeking out the window beside it. As she caught sight of the navy blue box, she couldn't stop an excited squeak from escaping her mouth. She wrapped her hand on the knob, twisting it and yanking the door open excitedly. Eyeing the box in excitement, she stumbled out the door and spun on the front walkway, walking towards it with a bouncy air. When she reached the pair of doors, she ran her fingers over the smooth wood and pushed it open with the tips. As the door swung open, she took a large breath and stepped as far is as she could in one step. A gust of air hit her back as the door swung back closed as she looked up at The Doctor who was leaning against the console and staring at her.

She slowly walked up to him and assumed a spot beside him. Turning her head to study the machine, she turns to him and offers him a wide smile, wiggling her brow slightly.

“So...” She dragged the word out, watching him pull a lever, adjusting the flight path. “Where are we going? Are we going to see a planet?” A look of hopefulness filled her eyes as they locked sight.

A snort broke free from The Doctors lips as he shook his head.

“Better.” He looked at her returning a look of pure excitement. “We're going to Virginia. America...We never go to America!” He grinned, practically biting his fist to keep from shouting.

Confused at the excitement to such a small trip, Amy drew her brow down over her mocha hues. “Okay?” She intoned questioningly. “Virginia? When are we going?” She frowned, hoping for a more logical explanation.

“Present day! When else would we go? No, that's a stupid question. We could go any when else. Forget I asked you that.” He shook his head at his answer, pulling and turning a knob. “Hold on, Pond! We're taking off!” He pointed to the console and ran behind her, turning the year adjustment.

Releasing a loud groan, Amy obliged, wrapping her fingers around the machine. “Have you hit your head? What's exciting about...Virginia?" She crinkled her nose, squinting at him.

The Doctor snapped his head up, looking at her as if she was a crazy person. "What isn't exciting about Virginia? They've got...stuff..." He trailed off, looking at his shoes for a moment. He shakes his head, sending his long hair flying around him, and he opens his mouth again. "No, we're just...we're going to have fun. You remember fun, eh, Pond?" He raises a brow, walking over to her and pinching her nose.

As his index finger and thumb clamp down on her nose, she raises her right hand, slapping his arm away and crossing her arms over her chest, glaring at him. "Of course I...remember fun! But it's you. I'm 95% sure there's a reason. You never go anywhere without a reason." She raised her brow, giving him a pointed look. His grin died down as her opened his mouth to respond and he succumbed to Amy's suspicion.

"Oh...Shut up. Yes, alright. Of course there's a reason—stop it!" He raised a finger to point at Amy, who had a grin taking place of her features as he spoke. "Of course there's a reason but..." In obvious embarrassment, he raised his hand to the back of his neck, moving back and forth as he scratched. "I...don't know what it is." He finished, flinging his head to the side and looking down. When he looked up to see Amy's look, which was a mixture of amusement and still more confusion, his cheeks reddened.

"I'm getting some signals from there. They're strange. I'm not exactly sure what they are, so I thought...We'd go che—" He was cut off as the TARDIS jerked sharply to the left with no warning. Amy let out a short squeak as she fell over, but a loud grumble took place as Amy heard The Doctor laugh.

"Oi!" The scolding erupted from the back of her throat as she was helping herself up and they shook once more and she almost fell another time. She stood up firmly and felt herself glower at The Doctor. "You're not supposed to...laugh!" Her brows fell in her anger. The Doctor gave her a childlike grin and reached over for the screen, swinging it over to him.

"Yes, you're definitely right but—" His finger bounced at his enunciation and he whipped his head towards the screen, reading the data it displayed, resulting in his grin widening greatly. "I think we've found our reason." His eyes widened and he gave her a thumbs up. Answering her unasked question, he swung the screen over to her. As her eyes ran over the screen, he projected his voice in the excitement. "Time energy. Lots of it. That is whats stopping us landing, that is our reason. Time energy. And where there's time energy, theres..." He held his hands out to Amy, asking her to finish the sentence.

"Um..." Racking her brain for the answer, she held her finger up, shaking it in the air. As she felt the words coming to the tip of her tongue, she burst out with her best guess. "Weeping Angels!" She directed the finger at him, staring at him with wide eyes now.

"Yes!" He threw his arms in the air, an open exhibit of his pride in her. "Good job, Pond, you genius!" He whipped his head to her at the last word, nodding curtly before returning to his original stance. "The time energy is creating a wall. It should stop us from taking a landing but..." He raised his right hand, slamming it down on a large red button before him, and tilted his head to Amy. "This is going to be a rough landing. Hold on tight." Following his orders, she grinned at him, squeezing her fists on the console, watching her knuckles turn white.


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