public bullying

its about someone who used to get bullied and then she grew up and stuck up for herself but she noticed they went for other people so she had to do something but she did nothing.... it is not about me :)


6. this is nearly the end :)

the next morning zac woke me up and said whats wrong you look stressed and i said i aint i was wondering why you was so quiet yesturday you usually talk to me through it but you didnt yesturday? he said i know it annoys you so i didnt say anything because i didnt want us to argue and you ended up going back home so i kept quiet and i said but weve already watched that film and i wanted to speak to you about something but since you were quiet i kept quiet too but never mind so we went to the shopping mall to get some stuff but i didnt have any money because i usually get money of my mum when i need it but obviously i cant now as im not with her so i only window shopped but zac of course didnt let me he asked me which one i wanted they were so expensive so i said none and zac didnt stop asking till i said which one and i asked him why and he said its a surprise and i was like you know i hate surprises and he said i know but you wont hate this one and i was like i like the pink with black lace around it and he was like okay that one it is then and i was like but i cant make u buy it and he was like shh i am thats final you can make it up to me when i surprise you.


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