public bullying

its about someone who used to get bullied and then she grew up and stuck up for herself but she noticed they went for other people so she had to do something but she did nothing.... it is not about me :)


4. there is alot of chapters they are really short :)

The day the three mean girls moved which was a disaster as i found out one of the mean girls were trying to kiss zac but zac tried refusing but we still broke up well i ended it with him because i know one day he will give in to which ever mean girl it was but he said it wont im meeting him at the park later on this day but it wont change my mind but well i hope it does but i still wont forget the kiss!  but i will give him one more chance if thats what he wants. i called him telling him i was at the park and he said he was too and told me to turn around so i did he came running and hugged me and i said do u want to try again and he answered with yeah dont break up with me again because they kissed me i swear i didnt kiss her back everybody was laughing at her and so i giggled and he laughed hugging me tightly so i stayed at his that night and he wouldnt stop texting his mates so i got bored and he notice and switched of his phone so we could talk about the whole situation on how were gonna see each other when he moved to seattle yes his leaving me behind because my parents wont let me move with him but my parents said that i can but zac's parents think that im lying but i dont know whether to say that we should break up or not as i love him to pieces but if his parents cant trust me then is there any point? hmm ill have to speak to my mum tomorrow night when i go home. 


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